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Northwind Promotions / Lies, deception and cr*ppy job!

1 Savannah, GA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 912-234-0707

I thought it was fishy when I started. Honestly I could not recommend the endeavor to anyone. I will try to put it in a nutshell: I worked an average of 60 hrs/week for about $150 to $250/week in pay. (I would say at BEST you could earn maybe $350/week working your butt off and only if you get assigned to impressively busy events, which is unlikely) You work about 11 hours a day and then a half day on Saturday (which is 'optional' but frowned upon if you don't come in). You're expected to want to stay even later if you are not selling enough.

I was not impressed with standing in the freezing cold, sometimes rain, in front of a Wal-mart or some other business for hours on end jumping around like a monkey to try and sell things off my table.

If you don't sell enough during the day then you might be expected to continue into the evening. They wanted me to walk around a dark parking lot one night to talk to strangers and try to sell them t-shirts. No protection... no credit-giving identification from the company either, just me and some t-shirts. Only 5% of the proceeds actually goes back to even help the 'missing kids' charity they alledge to help.

I had to pay for my supplies. This includes GAS. The events they send you to could be in Savannah or could be up to 2 hours away and you are responsible for getting yourself there and back, no reimbursement. Chances are you'll be at the same event all week long so thats 4 hours of driving, 5 days in a row. And that doesn't even consider a commute to and from your home.

On road trips they stick up to 4 people, possibly of the opposite sex, in one hotel room (something like Motel 6 or Super 8) and you must share a bed with someone you barely know. for a week. On the road trips everyone takes their own car, filled with boxes of uninsured merchandise possibly over state lines, so they can drive to separate events all week long. No reimbursed gas or food costs on that either. If anything happens to the merchandise then you are responsible for paying for it. Hundreds of dollars.

You are paid on profit sharing, which is glorified commission. The only difference is that taxes are taken out which is good. But the downside? Same as commission, you only get paid for what you sell (a portion) and any time you are not selling, you are not making money. Since you are selling t-shirts and crappy plastic generic toys, you can imagine your commission won't be much. Any time you take a day off you are not only not getting paid (no sick pay) but your job is on the line.

After standing outside of a business for hours on end during a week of freezing temperatures and rain, I eventually got sick. Very sick. I had to take a few days off to recoup. Not only were they very put off by the fact that I needed time off but every day I missed my job was on the line because they were bringing so many new people in. The following week I was expected to work extra to make up for the time I missed and that meant, yet again, standing outside for hours on end freezing my butt off and risking getting sick all over again.

You HAVE to report to the office in the mornings and evenings and attend long propaganda meetings and sales pitch practices, you are not permitted to sit at any time. You will spend about 4 hours every day in the office. Making nothing.
There is absolutely no job security. There is no paid training like the job ad says. its all commission (profit sharing)

They have something like 6 or 7 different job ads up on different sites, they range from public relations, marketing, sales, administrative, to management, etc. but they are ALL to bring people in for the same table-selling-in-front-of-some-random-business job. The month I was there, there were only about 6 people out of like 20 or 30 at a time that were employed the entire time. Scary turnover rate.

I guess there are some people who could make money out of a thing like that. They say its not for everyone but I really couldn't see it being for anyone. Even when you make it to "owner" level Quantum Marketing, the "parent" company, can still pluck you out if you do something they don't like. I think if I even wanted to own my own business I would want to get it the hard way and own it fair and square with nobody over my shoulder telling me what to do you know?

So I wouldn't recommend it. Anyone else is, of course, free to form their own opinions however. Anyone who decides to do it anyway... good luck and I hope you have some money in savings, you might need it.


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  • Ex
      26th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    They recently changed their name to "Silvalining Marketing Concepts", same company though. Northwind Promotions in sheep skin. I hear even Shinnon changed her name to something else. Different phone number too but same address still. Watch out for them.

  • Ma
      4th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    Totally agree! These people are grade A+ scammers. Im twenty and was trying to find a job in savannah (I live out of town) after sometime I found SilvaMarketing and all of there ads offering 30k to 35k a year. I sent in a resume and got a call from "shannon" saying I had an interview the next day. I tried to explain to her that I was very remote from savannah and needed a more resonable time for an interview. She told me they had to fill the positions by tommorow (kinda last min hiring for a 30k a year job). So I go WAY out of my way to make the trip and go down there and interview. Let me say this before i go any further, Im no idiot and I almost fell for this...there were many "fishy" things that I decided to ignore for one reason or another (maybe I wanted to believe what they said really bad) here are some of the "fishy" things: They operate in a warehouse, they say they have contributors from many well known names (NASCAR, Disney etc) however never show any type of aflliation at any time, the people there are very bad ACTORS! (Our Shannon girl told me she had just started and was there for three days, However the branch manager sliped up and said she had been working there for 3months, and they tried way to hard to make me feel like the "one" (such as "you really impressed me, you wouldn't be here if you didn't" or "So far you are the top runner for the job")
    I got done with the first interview and had to come back a second time for a on-the-job oversee. Which was pretty much me and the so called branch manager standing in front of a kroger and tricking people in to spending their money on cheap-### products that they thought were going to charity. At one time a man bought a flash-light and donated it...about five mins later I saw here throw it back into the "unsoled" box while she thought I wasn't looking THATS CALLED STEALING!
    Anyways, through all of this I still wanted to believe them and was going to join them. They told me I could make up to 900$ a week in up to 6months. They offered me the job and I accepted, however they never gave me a offer-report. This report is a paper saying how much i'll make and put away for 401k, every job has this (very fishy!) Thank God my dad gave me a call later after doing research and told me to tell them to take that job and shove-it. Otherwise I would be royaly ###ed!

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