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Northwest Weightloss Surgery Center / Lapband failure

1 WA, United States Review updated:

I had lapband surgery on Sept. 11, 2007. I was told to expect to lose 2 lbs per week and when i stopped losing weight, to go in and get a fill. My band holds 14cc of saline. Some bands hole less. We got free fills for the first year. I was never filled to my satisfaction, and didnt feel any restriction. I stoppes losing weight after about 40 lbs. I had heard so many success stories about people losing 100 lbs their first year. after my first year i had only lost 40lbs and i called for a fill. I was charged $200 instead of the typical $150 because they put me on teh florascope to see if my band was positioned properly. He filled me just little bit and it didnt feel any different. i asked for more but he said i was already 'too tight". I went home and noticed absolutely no difference what so ever. I knew when I first had it put in, i felt the restriction and could tell it was there. It made eating difficult, which is what it is supposed to do. now it just feels normal. I am able to eat the same amount of food that i could before i had it put in. I am not over eating, or stretching my "Pouch" out. I just feel i have been totally ripped off. I paid $17, 000.00 for this. I feel I should be given a free fill until I say it feels comfortable, not what they tell me is comfortable. Each body is different. I only have 8 cc of liquid in a band that holds 14cc. Why so little?
I am so discouraged it isnt funny. THat ws part of my retirement money. I want to know if anyone else has suffered this disappointment after having this expesive procedure performed on them. Every time I see their commercial with all these skinny people talking about how successful they were, I want to throw my Television out of the window.

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      19th of Mar, 2009
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    next time try "the biggest loser" competition. It has worked for over a hundred or more people, and if you are still healthy enough to sign up, you will have a chance. I don't know the link, but I think it is on NBC. I love that show, and people of all ages sign up and get on it! Stamina and willpower and the desire to lose weight is all you need, as far as I know. You may become a star!

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      17th of Jan, 2013
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    Yes I was very disappointed when my fills started costing me 150.00 and they just want to bump it up a 1/4cc. It makes for many trip back and forth and a whole lot of money. Even the unfills cost now and until the change they didn't cost anything.
    I do love my band and wouldn't change it but I feel like they have you trapped now, you gotta pay!

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