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Northwest Newark NJ Airport / I'm going to be arrested for wearing a rocawear rhinestone belt

1 Newark, NJ, United States Review updated:

On Mar 30 2008 at 4:35 a.m. at Northwest Newark NJ airport I took off my tennis shoes, hair barrett, Rocawear rhinestone belt, coat and purse and put in three plastic baskets. I walked threw screaner everything ok. I proceeded to put my shoes on, airport security walks over and takes my Rocawear belt and said his supervisor has to approve my belt. I walks over to the security table, now there's Another security guard; he tells me it's going to take a moment, to have a seat, I reply if they are not going to let me wear my belt can I check it in my luggage. Because I packed it in my luggage when I left going on vacation. He tells me it's going to take a moment to have a seat. I look over my shoulder and now I see two Newark NJ police officers approaching myself and airport security now the female security guard walks over and others guards are bragging this is her first catch smiling and doing everything but high fiveing. Never telling me I'm going to be arrested for wearing a rocawear rhinestone belt. The Newark NJ police officers walks over to me ask me for my ID and social security number, home phone number, age. And now the police officers tell me my belt is a weapon, and the police is calling my information in to the police dept. I tell the police officer that this is a rocawear belt that I purchased at a department store, and it expensive. I tell the security guard as popular as this belt is this couln't be the first time he seen this belt, he didn't reply, I asked again this can't be the first time you have seen this belt, he didn't speak just nodded his head yes. Now the police is telling me I can be arrested and have to pay 150.00 bond to get out of jail, do I know how serious this is, and you are worried about that belt. I told him it's a rocawear belt, it's not a weapon and I was thinking I'm looking pretty cute; the police officer is still running a back ground check on me. Police officer was getting upset because I was wanting my belt, he said you about to be arrested and you are complaining about that belt. Nonetheless I was not arrested, they would not talk about my belt, and would not tell me how I can receive my belt back. As I was walking on my way to prepare to get on plain I saw several large cowboy buckel belts they didn't have a problem with. Was it my rhinestones that drew there attention.

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