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In the midst of Northwest Airlines cancelling flights nationally (they did so repeatedly with no notice) I purchased (in July) two non-refendable tickets for travel to Wisconsin (from Philly) on September 6.

Two days after purchase my health deteriorated to the point that I had two surgeries (one on August 21st after which I was told I'd need a second procedure in September and I was not permitted to travel to Wisconsin pending the major operation).

I phoned Northwest on August 25th (far in advance of my September 6th travel) and told them of my medical situation and offered to document it fully with letters from surgeon, hospital, etc. The 2 tickets cost $490 and I do not have that kind of money to simply "lose".

The Northwest "rep" was unyielding and unsympathetic: no refunds, no exceptions EXCEPT (she actually said this) "if the passenger dies before travel dates". After noting the $100 per ticket penalty she said I'd have a credit to fly their greedy airline for one year.

I told her (calmly but internally upset) that by word of mouth and the Internet I'd tell my story often, including Northwest's robotic implementation of the "no exceptions" rules, in the hopes that even 1 (preferably many more than one) person would after hearing my tale choose to fly any airline but Northwest Airlines.

The story is true, I am on the road to recovery medically but it would make me feel good to learn even one of you in cyberspace understand my frustration at the time I was too weak (medically) to do much. My "cancelled" seats were of course sold within one day.

Unjust enrichment at the expense of a "mere passenger" for a miserable, greedy exemplar of 21st century air travel. PLEASE DO NOT FLY NORTHWEST.


  •   Jun 29, 2009

    Well, "non-refundable" means...non-refundable. Did you buy insurance on the tickets?

    To be honest, pretty much all airlines will have similar policies on "non-refundable" tickets and the fact that you knew they were non-refundable means you really haven't got much of a complaint.

    If they make an exception for one person (ie: you) they'd have to make exceptions for everyone with any sort of valid excuse.

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  • M
      May 04, 2011

    You take a gamble when you buy non refundable tickets. They don't say non refundable ' unless you get sick'. Pay a little more next time and get refundable tickets.

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