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NorthShore Arc, Inc. (medical) / Not depositing payroll on time for months

1 Southside Rd.Danvers, MA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 1-978-762-8307

When I first got hired for the Co. I they offered direct deposit. I illed out the paper work and started to have my payroll checks deposited. They pay biweekly. The last 3 months the Co. has not diresct deposited my checks on time. Because of this issue I end up with over draft fee's in my checking acct. and I get stuck paying them because when they decide to deposit my check the bank automatically takes whats owed to them. I have called the co. several time on this matter and I get no where. Every week there is a different reason and excuse. They also tell me they can't give me info. abotu whats going on that the person I take care of is the one who has to call. I do home care for this Co. so they try to tell me the sick elderly women that I work for has to be the one to call and talk to them. When this was said to me I stated but It's my payroll and my bank info. how and why would she be the one who calls??? They replied more than 1x because I work for her. Yet she is not the one doing my payroll their Co. is! I find this illegal that if I have a question or a concern on my check there is no one or no dept. us employee's are allowed to call they will absolutley give us no answers! They will mail the statements in saying the check was deposited on the 23rd (for instance) and yet I call the bank and still NO payroll deposit. I have attempted several times myself and the woman I take care of to resolve this matter and find out why they are not paying their employee's on time and we get the run around! I don't know who to call or else to coplain to. I shouldn't be responsible for my overdraft fee's in my bank becuse this Co. dosen't do their job and pay the employee's on time! They ecpecttheemployee's to sit back and wait for them to pay us when ever they deside to and that's that according to them they give nobody any legal answers. It's always we didnt recieve the time sheets or they are having computer problems with payroll or that dept. is closed call on Monday. The will also make us refax them our time sheets when originally we have to mail them in. Etc..Etc..
Please anybody who can give me some info. on who to call or write a complaint to on this unfair illegal running Co. please email me @ and on the heading of email put complain or Company's name so I will recognize it and open it...Thank you...Jaime S.

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  • An
      15th of Oct, 2009
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    North Shore Arc's FI department is commonly rude and dismissive of clients requests regarding their payroll. The current form of electronic computerized timesheets does not work and constantly kicks people out of the system. When this happens, the PCA does not get paid. When you find out about it, it is too late for that PCA to get their pay that week and thus it gets processed the following week. This results in PCAs NOT GET PAID FOR THREE WEEKS straight!!!


  • Lo
      24th of Oct, 2009
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    I'm a pca also, and I got the same problem with them. one time my check didn't arrive, and when I called (because they are lazy to call you) they told me that I wasn't going to get paid at all because I use up all the funds, because I would write more minutes than I was supposed to, so when I told the lady that it was their fault because they told me I had to make my time even because they wouldn't accept 15min, so I had to make it 30min, and that is what I did. But they said no that they are not accepting it that way anymore (they should of wrote me a letter or at least call me to tell me their change of plans, and they did not.) The only thing the told me was for the next time sheet to do it the way they want it now, but to forget about getting paid for the mistake that they did.

  • So
      9th of May, 2011
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    I've had this happen to me a few times. There are so many issues with working as a PCA that baffle me.
    I work full time, days and nights and I can't get insurance through them??? so... what if something happens there? I called because my husband is laid off and tho I can get us by for a short time, we need insurance. Is this true?

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