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1 United States

5C0-61090 Replacement Rod Kit
NorthLine Express
9195 N. Cut Road
Roscommon, Michigan 48653

Bought a replacement screen rod kit from these people. It is used to hold up the metal chain link mesh screen in front of a fireplace.

I attempted to install the screen rod kit (pretty handy guy). The rods have tabbed holes that needed to be bent over to 90 degrees. Both broke when bent.

I am assuming the the country of origin for the poorly made rod kit I received is China.

The rod ends were ground down too far by the highly skilled craftsman that made it. My guess would be that it didn't come out of a ISO9000 factory.

I had to walk 50 yards to my farm shop to reweld and then grind the tabs so that they would support screws.
All this on a Sunday night to get ready for company arriving on Monday morning.

Companies like this should be embarrassed to sell this kind of merchandise and ashamed that they don't check it before shipping it out to unsuspecting consumers.

As far as I'm concerned they've stolen $24.50 from me & an hour of my valuable time.

All they've offered is to replace the item. I don't need it replaced - I've already repaired it to the point where it is better than what they sent me and I've already installed it. They haven't offered to refund my money and the cost of shipping.

Beware of merchandise from this company.

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