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Northland Fire & Security / Bad service

1 Edina, MN, United States

In January of 2007, I had an Ansul system installed in the kitchen of my bar/restaurant by Northland Fire. My old dry chemical system was outdated and I was told it might not put out a fire. They never told me about the requirement about the electrical portion (exhaust, makeup-air shutdown, etc) when the system installer finished putting in the new system, he told me it was good.

Shortly after they put it in, another technician from Northland comes out to "service the system" and he red tagged it!!! He said I still needed to have the electrical hooked up. I thought that was included in the install!! So I had to spend the extra money to have that done. I already paid $3200! When I talked to the owner of Northland, the guy had the nerve to yell at me on the phone and he even swore at me!!

Another company approached me a few months later, I know the guy because he used to work for Northland and he was always fair, friendly, kept me informed and up to date on what I needed, and treated me well. I decided to use this guy for my next service, because I was unhappy with Northland. After the first time I had the new guy service my system, Northland came in and told me the guy wasn't licensed, he wasn't insured (which he showed me was false, he IS insured and the State of MN. doesn't REQUIRE a license!) They also told me I had to have my system re-serviced because this guy was not qualified. WHAT??? He used to work for Northland, but now he isn't qualified to work on Ansul?? Northland even gave me a number to call, where a guy told me that No, he isn't certified.

This technician from Northland, who I had never seen before also really badmouthed the guy from the new company I used, his new business, and even told me that the guy was a ###!! I also found out from a few other restaurant owners that they were hearing the same things!

If this is the way that Northland Fire chooses to do business, then I would highly recommend if you need an Ansul system, or need it serviced, that you go elsewhere. This practice of badmouthing your competition, rather than improving on your own service and treatment of your customers sucks! Northland seems to think they "own" all of their customers, and can say and do whatever they feel. If the owner of the other company really is a "###" as I was told, so what?!?! At least he seems to care more about the customer and their needs!


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