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Northern Auto Traders / Northern Auto Traders Liccars Scam

1 Long Island City, NY, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 718-937-7700

I can't believe this. First, they tell you the price of the car and then they say finance with them to drop the price $3000.

I ask to test drive the car and they ask for my license. I give it to the salesman (sales-child) and he takes it back into a tinted office and comes back out. They would not let me test drive because they said they had to move too many cars. So they start the car and let it run in place. Some 18 year old sales kid says don't worry, he drove it and that it runs good. Hilarious.

I asked if we can discuss pricing and what kind of financing they have available. The sales-child says they have some of the best financing available and that in order to discuss pricing and financing they need proof that I am able to purchase/in good financial standing, they said it is because they get too many people wasting their time and it costs money to run these checks to see rates/finance options. They said this requires a hold on my credit card for $100 dollars. I asked, "A hold or a charge?". The sales-child assures me it is a hold and that it is dropped if the car is not purchase or deducted from the purchase if made. I already should have already seen this coming. Funny thing is, once the sales-child goes into the tinted-window office to do a credit check, my brother starts googling them on his blackberry and tells me that they have so many scamming complaints. At that point I decide I am not taking this any further.

The kid comes back and before I can tell him I'm not interested anymore, he goes into a spiel about how they cover anything from bumper to bumper on the car for 3 months after the purchase but this would require a charge of $1500 added to the price. Called a "Restoration Fee" and that all dealerships in NY are mandated to do so. It gets more funny. He tells me that I need to transfer the car temporarily to my insurance to test drive the car. Even better, he finishes by telling me he can't tell me what kind of rates I would have available or any other financing details until the next day. I tell the sales-child, no worries, we are not interested anymore, that they can drop the hold. As I stand to leave, I notice a photo copy of my license slipping out of one of their folders. I took it and I said "I hope this is the only one!". They were silent for a bit and then the other sales-### says "Hey don't be upset that you can't get a good rate, many people get upset because they have bad credit score and can't get a good rate". I have perfect credit score and I hadn't even received any financing details!

I leave out of pure exhaustion of arguing with the guy. I call my credit card company and tell them to block any activity from these people. My credit card company tells me there is a $500 charge that was approved but not posted yet to my account. They say I need to file a dispute. I did. I call Northern Auto Trader up and tell them they made a charge to my card, when they said they would make a hold and cancel it if there is no purchase made. He says I have to come back in to make a refund. I said, I will be there in two hour.

I get there and the guy says I have to come back when the account is there! It gets better! That sales-### tells me the accountant is only there on Friday from 1PM to 4PM. Argument ensues and I ended up leaving without getting my money back. Long story short, I go back on Friday at 2PM and the "accountant" isn't there. Waiting to see what is the outcome of my dispute filed with my credit card company. I have fraud protection and was told that they are not responding to the dispute letters sent to them. I have two more weeks to wait for results. What a scam.

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      4th of Dec, 2010
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    They are doing the same to me right now- they told me to be there only on Fridays and before 7 pm. I arrived at 6:30 and guess what, the accountant is gone for the day BS. I just filled a dispute with my credit card company- hope you and I both win

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      19th of Jul, 2011
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    This dealership has to be by far the biggest crooks ever. They advertise cars at a really low price on their website and this is the bait you. When you arrive at the dealership they advise you in order to get the low internet price you have to finance the car with them. Ha here’s the trap. Once you sign the contract they tack on so many hidden fees. They give you a contract to sign which is mostly blank and then tell you this is just a template and that you'll receive your "official contract" when first payment is due. I financed a car with them and signed paperwork which showed it was with one bank but low and behold at the end of the month I received a statement from a totally different bank?? Bunch of crooks!! Come on now how is this place in business. Where are the proper authorities to shut them down!! Stay away from them at all costs. However, if you got conned by these crooks and looking to take legal action please feel free to contact me at I am in the process of suing these crooks and I will not rest until justice has been served on these scums.

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