North Shore Agency - NSK / vol 3-17 the hope chest

1 Old Bethpage, NY, United States
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Apparently my father ordered something from Reader's Digest some time ago and never received the items. He spoke with them and said he would not pay until he received the items. He has since died and my mother is now receiving collection statements from NSA in his name. The items in question were never received, the person who ordered (but never received the items) is deceased therefore, there is no debt. I can find no contact information on this company to talk to a person to cease the statements. Please stop sending these to my soon-to-be 83-year-old mother, as it is quite upsetting to her since she lost her husband (my father and the person named on the statement) just three months ago. Creditor Account #RDB [protected]; I see no client number. Date on collection notice is September 5, 2017. I am not going to put his name down here, as it is a public forum.

Oct 16, 2017

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