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These people know Im on a budget and cannot afford extra charges outside of my copay. I always ask the Dr. if what he is doing is outside of my copay, if it seems he isnt doing the regular followup exam. I have also written a letter to them to keep in my file that it is forbidden for them to charge me for anything outside of my copay without my consent.

Recently I had to go in for a physical. The Dr told me what he was going to do that day and I asked him if there were going to be any extra charges. He said I would NOT be charged for ANYTHING he did that day, since physicals are covered 100% by my insurance.

So last week I get a bill in the mail from the Dr.s office telling me I OWE them money for this visit! I call the billing dept at the Dr.s office and ask what this is. She says the Dr. reissued my perscriptions and that is what that charge is for. I told her that the Dr told me EVERYTHING he did that day was covered under my insurance 100% and I would not get any extra charges. I told her I even asked the nurse at the front desk when I checked out how much I owed, and she said "nothing".

This woman tried to pass this off as some kind of caring concern as she would only say "we are doing you a favor" over and over and over again. They arent doing my any favors by LIEING to me and then CHARGING me for those LIES!!!

Its extortion plain and simple. And this isnt the first time they have done this, but it is sure the I am not going there again.

Apr 27, 2013

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