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North Georgia Motor Company / Vehicle purchase

1 7033 Main StreetWoodstock, GA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 770 924 4488

I was sold a 1999 Pontiac Sunfire for my daughter to start her schooling with. She was with me at the car dealers. When we should up to see the car, the salesman mentioned he had started the car and warmed it up for the test drive. The weather was pretty cold. We drove the car, it seemed ok, but I had questions about the bump noise when it went into gear. I called a friend at a car shop he told me it could be a cv joint, if it was bad he could fix for 200.00. I asked Todd the salesman at least 5 times if they knew of anything that was wrong with the car. He assured me and my daughter that the car was in great shape. That they only dealt with good quality cars as the web site states. We purchased it, drove it home and parked it until we had insurance on it. A week later she started it to go to school and it stalled after a few minutes. This kept happening, I had to tow it once from Alpharetta to Buford due to this. 5 Shop visits later and two different shops it was repaired for a total of 400.00. It was a crank sensor. After looking the car over to see what the problem was I was told the rack and pinion steering was shot, two motor mounts were bad, I had this work done to the tune of 805.00. Then the car had to be re aligned due to the front suspension being taken apart to have the work done. Once at the shop for re alignment, I was told the brake caliper was missing a bushing, and the front struts were shot. After this work was done for another 696.00. So now we are at just over 2000.00 for repairs. Now the crank sensor that made the car stall only happened on cold days, I refuse to believe the dealer did not know about this since he started the car and warmed it up before we got there to test drive it, The steering I believe he knew about also due to all the fluid that would leak out after driving it for a while. The front struts maybe they did not know about, The bushing in the brake caliper they might not have known about. The motor mounts I do think they knew about, this made the car vibrate when it was driven, and the shop that fixed this for me told me they were rigged so it would not vibrate much. So to the end of a long story I guess this is what a quality car in this dealer ship is made of. A bunch of lies to your face, rigged components, and doing what ever they can before a test drive to hide problems. I only do this in the hopes of saving someone else this type of headache. All these repairs went on a credit card so the car would be safe for my daughter, and I have been unemployed for 7 months now. It will be extremely difficult to pay this off. Todd at the car lot knew about my situation with unemployment before we talked about the car. That man needs to loose his job.


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