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North Buffalo Athletic Club / Shady business practices

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I joined North Buffalo Athletic Club for a year and was paying monthly for a membership. At the end of my membership I did not renew because of distance and the fact that they were not consistently open in the morning as the agreed upon (5:30am). They began charging me for months after my membership was up. They never called me to renew my membership or to tell me that an extension would go into effect unless I renewed or cancelled by membership. All they said was too bad and that I need to read my contract closer. Anyone have any suggestions how to handle this matter? I am upset at the lack of communication and the fact that they could care less whether I knew or not. On top of charging me, they said they would charge me $30.00 more dollars because I did not give them 30 days notice.

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  • Gm
      24th of Jul, 2009
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    I had a similar experience. I joined BAC but had to move. Although I sent a certified letter requesting termination of my contract, included a letter from my new employer, and surrendered my membership card, they continued to charge me. As the account belonged to my b/f who was deployed in the military overseas, I was not aware till months later, when I received a notice that my membership fee had not processed (I had changed banking coordinates). When I faxed again, repeating my request, they said I now needed to submit TWO proofs of relocation (no specifics as to what this might be), and I needed to pay the membership current AND pay a termination fee, although they have been knowingly collecting fees from me in spite of my request to terminate. I plan on filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and writing personally to Richard Leugemors, the president of the Eastern Hills Facility (4687 Transit Road, Wmsville 14221) and Bob Schiffhauer, the Treasurer (69 Delaware Ave 14202), and anyone else I can find by googling around. I have found multiple complaints of this nature online, which suggests to me this might be a matter of policy. I suggest you try a few letters, too - if we keep at it we might get some satisfaction.

  • Sy
      27th of Jul, 2010
    +2 Votes

    I agree My son had gone there to sign up so they made him fill up all the paper work first without really explaining anything then he was asked for SS# very suspicious practice and a credit card.
    that's when he realized he did not want to give them his credit card and said No thanks and that he would talk to us his parents first. So he did not make any kind of payment and walked out the end he thought.
    Wrong this team of crooks decided to keep the paper work and force him into this contract which they did not receive any payment on. and where told no thanks right at the front desk They also went as far as threatening him with destroying his credit and that he better pay up or it was going to a credit collection. now keep in mind he never got a receipt for any payment since he did not make any he never had a contract or a membership card hes only mistake was to fill up the paper work first and then saying no . BE WARNED when doing business with them. We have also complained with the Better Business Bureau.

  • My
      26th of Dec, 2010
    +2 Votes


    Has anyone had luck canceling BAC's gym membership? What happens if someone looses their job? That should be justifiable means to cancel.

    How to get BAC's gym membership canceled?

  • Ba
      30th of Mar, 2012
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    Buffalo Athletic Club is a scam. Why would they do this to people? We have a similar experience. The place is less worried about customer satisfaction and more worried about scamming people out of their hard earned dollars for services not being rendered. I am amazed that this is legal. I should start going around getting people to sign outrageous contracts for stuff. Anyone interested in signing a 5 year contract for my services? I will edit 3 words per week for you, only if those words and none other are sent via email between 12am-3pm on 3rd Friday of each month. If you have extensive ability to read legal jargon and are unnecessarily suspicious, you are not allowed to join this club. By signing you agree to pay $5 per word and you have to pay the total of 12 words per month until your contract is up in 5 years. The only way to cancel is if you are a) killed by an elephant, b) move not more than and not less than 39.5 miles from my home address, c) you find out you were born on Mars, d) you pay me $500, 000 cancelation fee.

  • Pe
      1st of Aug, 2012
    0 Votes

    BAC, and many other health clubs, purposely mislead customers and get them to sign contracts that do not represent what they are told verbally. Before you sign a contract with them (or anyone!), send them away for awhile so you can read it. If they pressure you & don't give you time to read it, walk away. If the contract terms don't agree with what they say to you, have them write the correction on the contract or put a line through that part. If they aren't willing to do that, walk away. Know that in at least 1 state (NJ) a customer has a right to cancel (any time, for any reason) a contract that is more than a year long just by giving 30 days written notice. Lastly - if you end up with a problem & they report you to credit reporting agencies - it takes time & effort but you may be able to get this (& other things) off your record. Credit reporting companies have duty to investigate once you request it. Send the agency your denial of what you owe & ask them to investigate. BAC then has to prove to credit agencies that you owe them money. Some companies won't bother for small amounts - costs them more to respond than it's worth (which is why more customers should do this!) If not resolved, have them put a statement of dispute in the file. Tell the credit agency, also, that they do not have authority to resolve this dispute, has to be resolved in a court of law by a judge, so they cannot include as a negative in your credit report/score.

  • Sa
      30th of Aug, 2013
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    Buffalo Athletic Club (BAC) is the worst ever fitness club in the entire universe. Zero customer care and all they care about is to scam people. Biggest fraudsters in Buffalo area and anyone with right mind will never ever go to this club. It's only one way traffic to this club, join the club and keep paying the membership fee for your life, no easy way to cancel the membership. If you want to be fooled and don't mind paying monthly fee for your whole life, this place is for you. If you ever talk about membership cancellation, they'll show their true ugly face. I'll never recommend this fraud fitness club to anyone.

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