North Bay Computer Doctorsunethical behaviour

Approximately 6 months ago, I had dropped off my iPad with battery issues, at your establishment. I wasnt sure what was happening with my iPad, that's why I took it to the professionals.

I was told it would be ready the next day, this did not happen, you had the unit several weeks as I recall. I continued to call and nobody who works there would return any of my calls.

Recently, I have taken my iPad to AN AUTHORIZED APPLE SERVICE PROVIDER. Your company does not have that designation, I do not understand why I see this on the internet?


I was very frustrated when I picked up my iPad from your establishment and as time went on the problems continued to grow, and I no longer had any interest or confidence to take my iPad back to your establishment.

I have just discovered that your establishment had replaced the glass on my iPad without telling me, because it shattered when you tried to open the iPad. The non-apple glass you put on my unit was badly scratched, marked up and not installed properly on the unit and my iPad was returned to me in that condition, bulging at the side, Also, when the screen is touched there is a blue dot...this should not be happening. My iPad has never worked the same since I picked it up from your establishment.

I do accept some responsibility as a consumer/customer as I did not do a proper inspection of my iPad when I paid and pick it up from your establishment

If you truly are/were an Authorized Apple Service Provider your employee would have told me up front the battery can not be replaced and would have followed the guidelines as set out by Apple, on how to deal with an iPad issue.

Now, my iPad has to be replaced!! It cannot be repaired and I cannot trade it in to Apple due to the 3rd party battery you put in my unit WITHOUT TELLING ME, Again, I accept some responsibility as I did not ask if it was an official Apple battery, again if you are/were an Authorized Apple Service Provider, your employee would have known the facts on how to deal with iPad issues and informed me accordingly

It is/was your responsibility to be forthcoming with me your CUSTOMER.

Jan 17, 2018

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