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North American Sweepstakes Lottery / Scam

1 Oklahoma City, OK, United States Review updated:

I received a letter from this scam stating that I had won $125, 000. Enclosed was a check for over $4, 000 supposedly drawn from chase bank. I bank with Chase and when I took the check to Chase it was infact a real account number but not from the before mentioned business. It was from someone elses personal checking account.

I did not cash the check and gave it to Chase for investigative purposes.

If you receive something similar please do not deposit it into your personal account or attempt to cash the check. These checks are fradulent and will either come back to you as a no good check or they will remove money from an innocent persons account.

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  11th of Nov, 2008
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My mom got the same check but from Harris Bank, we didn't deposit it yet. Tx for the info

  22nd of Nov, 2008
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Just got the letter, same as above...$4900 clams. Call and pay - (NOT ON YOUR LIFE!) This is going to Chase on Monday. How can you win $100, 000 when you didn't enter?

This one is for the weak brained -


  30th of Nov, 2008
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North American Sweepstakes Lottery - fraud
northwest group inc
20 eglinton ave w.
North York (Toronto)
Phone: 14168261328

i received a letter saying i had won a lottery drawing. i called the number gave personal information about myself and my residence. and when i checked the validity of the claim i found out it was a lottery scam. she made me believe i had really won.

  1st of Mar, 2009
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I got one in the mail for $3985 with to total wininng amount of $100, 000.I am to deposit the cheque for the $3985...and call for further insrtuctions...The cheque looks so real, it's amazing how they put it togeather.The heading on the letter says ...NORTH AMAERICAN SWEEPSTAKES...i am 1 out of 5 winners for 500, 000...The crazy thing is that the number i am to call is a canadian number wich goes like this...1416-856-0179...Then on the cheque itself it says...NORTH AMAERICAN PERSONNEl SERVICES...the address on the bottom of that when i looked it up online it did not match...And then we get to the bank...First State Bank & Trust...This is the address on the cheque 155th & HWY 24 Baser KS 66007...Look this up people the address again does not match...This is to the scammer...GET LOST...GO DEPOST THE CHEQUE YOURSELF AND LEAVE INNOCENT PEOPLE ALONE...YOU SHOLUD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW

  1st of Mar, 2009
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And how come none of you stopped to think... "I didn't enter a sweepstakes" and actually wasted the time of people at a bank instead of just throwing it away?

  13th of Apr, 2009
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I live in Missouri and on 4/ 11/2009 I received a check and letter stating that I won! I went to the bank and had them check and sure enough, the checking account was false! They took a copy and are putting it with their employees! I'm glad I didn't cash it but it is disheartening in this day! I knew that something was up when I had not entered any sweepstakes because of all the promotional crap you have to fill out! WalMart even told me on the phone that they were not involved with this type of promo! I did upset the gentleman after calling back and he eventually hung up on me! It feels good to be able to outscam a scammer!

  29th of Apr, 2009
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My brother received a similar scam letter from City Financial and Management Consultant Inc. indicating he was the winner of North American Sweepstakes. He received a check in the amount of $4, 980 and was being asked to send a $3, 975 Moneygram or Western Union to cover Government Taxes. A final lump sum payment of $95, 020 would be sent via UPS when the Government Tax money is received. The check was written on Comerica Bank, 1601 Elm St #100, Dallas, TX. I spoke to account representative at the bank and she confirmed that there have been fraudulant checks written on the account number found on the check. The business name on the check is Renew Data Corp of Austin, TX.

  6th of May, 2009
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That is just crazy, cause I just got one in the mail today ( 5-6-09). I decided to check it out online before I did anything and I found this website... Thanks.. I didn't really believe that I had won anything so I decided to see what I could find on the internet about this Sweepstakes and I am so glad I did...

  7th of May, 2009
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  12th of May, 2009
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Add mine to the list. I am trying to figure out how out-scam a scammer, but don't have the time or energy for this nonsense.

  12th of May, 2009
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Also, what agency should be investigating crap like this?

  16th of May, 2009
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I got the same problem and I did lose money... I hate this people! They need to get caught! We need to get the police involve, I think is important that other people don't get scams like this, it's terrible fand not fair for people like us that work hard and they are trying to survive and thaey think the dream is becomming reality! let's get them and team up!!!

  19th of Jun, 2009
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I got pretty much the same thing in the mail today. If it was a legit lottery they would withhold taxes from your winnings, not send you a check and require money sent to them. SCAM SCAM SCAM

  24th of Aug, 2009
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Thank you all for your input. A friend called and was so excited to have won a sweepstake as the money would have solved some problems. After asking a few questions, I realized that this was probably a scam and obviously an attempt to steal money. The scenario is the same. A portion of the winnings (always under $5000.00) and a requirement to pay the taxes (always to them and always in the form of Western Union or MoneyGram) before the big payoff. Tax agencies do not work that way. I hated to burst his bubble but better this than dishing out 3 grand and not seeing any kind of return. Everyone has to be so very careful these days.

  28th of Jan, 2010
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I just got a letter today from ATC Insurance Services, acting on behalf of the North American Sweepstakes. The cashier's check is for 2, 485.00 and the letter wants me to call my Claim Agent in Canada no less, to get further instructions on how to claim my $125, 000 I supposedly won, even though I never entered any sweepstakes. I am to deposit the check then send them $1885.99 by Western Union for my Non-Residential Tax. I googled the North American Sweekpstakes and got to this website. I went on Bing and typed in ATC Insurance Services of Vancouver and got nothing. I wonder whose account they actually have access to. The cashier's check is drawn on a Chase bank, which is where I will be heading with all this tomorrow.

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