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C Nov 26, 2017

I first contacted this company last March and was tempted by them with what I thought was a "low ball" quote that I figured was probably going to increase, but I had no idea they were going to put me in an impossible position with no options to make any other arrangements. The big mistake I made was working with a company that didn't send someone out to physically look at what was going to be moved. They said that companies that send someone out add 30% to the cost. They told me that nobody sends someone out anymore to evaluate what you's all done over the phone. After spending quite a bit of time on the phone that first day going over what was to be moved, they gave me a price of $4200. I had given them a description as best I could of the furniture we had and since we hadn't actually started to pack anything in boxes yet, they estimated the number of boxes we would have based on the square footage of the condo we lived in and the number of rooms, etc. They actually called 2 days before our move day and when I went through everything again, I was told the price would be over $11, 000 because I had more stuff than they thought and they said I'd have to give them an additional $3, 000 over the phone on my credit card!! What could I do? We had to move in 2 days!! It was the end of July, the busiest time of the year for moving. The person that bought my condo was moving in the day after we were to move out. Then, on the day of the move, the movers showed up and being the first and only people to actually see what was being moved told me we had way more stuff than they were told and that there was no way they could move me for $11, 000. My wife was in tears that it was becoming more and more apparent that we were the victims of a huge scam. This was when we were now told for the first time that there were actually 2 ways to determine the cost of moving me. I could either do it by weight and the price would probably be even higher or they could just look everything over again and give me a firm price without weighing anything. Of course, I asked if they could price it both ways and I would choose the lower of the two, but they said I couldn't do that and would have to choose one or the other right then and there...doesn't that sound like a scam? I knew we had a lot office furniture and that a lot of our boxes had books and files in them, so our stuff might be pretty heavy, so I was afraid that the price would really jump. So, I asked them to give me a firm price without weighing anything and they told me the price was now going to be over $15, 000!!! They required that I give them $8, 500 in cash or by certified check and that I would have to pay the movers in Florida an additional $3, 000. So, I went from $4, 200 to more than $15, 000!!! The actual movers were paid $11, 500 and the brokers, who did nothing of any real value got paid $4, 000!!! What a scam!! What could I do?? We had to move! If I had known it was going to cost anywhere near that much, I would have gotten rid of more stuff or had the movers move the furniture and I would have rented a truck and moved the boxes myself or done something different...but we had to move that day!! These guys take full advantage of the predicament THEY put you in!! Several days after we had moved, I contacted them and told them how dissatisfied I was with my experience with them and they eventually offered to give me a $500 refund! Are you kidding? When I told them that was unacceptable, they suggested I contact the actual moving company and ask them for a refund!! They were the people that actually did the move. I paid the so called broker nearly $4, 000 and they didn't really do anything of any value but start that whole mess. This company and their whole business model is a scam!!

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