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1 Pittsburg, NH, United States

I own my home. My boyfriend lives with me. North American Power called MY HOME and ASKED my boyfriend to give them my electric company acct. number so she could offer us SERVICE to a lower rate per KWH. She offered a 6 month or yearly contract locking in a specific low rate. My boyfriend said if we went with anything, it would probably be the yearly contract, but he wanted us to read about all the information first. This North American Power female rep. he spoke to said she would send written information so we could read it. She also asked for his e-mail address, which he gave her. She said he would have 5 days to decide. SHE deceptively meant "cancel", as she had already signed my household up for service after the phone call, and the written information came two weeks later, and it was a WELCOME LETTER thanking us for enrolling with their company. Then they sent him an e-mail to inform him they had a problem switching our service, and to call them. (Initially the girl on the phone told him once he gave the go ahead, he had 5 days to cancel. This was a lie, as the switching order was being sent after that first phone call.) My boyfriend didn't realize he had entered into a contract during that first phone call, though deceptively done by the rep.
I IMMEDIATELY CALLED MY electric company (more than 8 days after the phone call with my boyfriend) who told me if an order to switch service came through from another company, they would have to put it through. HOWEVER, once you are switched, my electric company said they could not switch me back! They suggested I call the Public Utility Commission [protected]), which I did. The PUC told me since NORTH AMERICAN POWER is a THIRD PARTY SUPPLIER, they have no jurisdiction over them due to no legislation covering third party suppliers! I reminded the PUC that I never authorized a switch, and I'm the homeowner. I also told my electric company this. I said I am getting ahead of this and calling you. The Representative from the PUC said he would call North American Power for me, only because if the company representatives were giving out false information and switching service fraudulently, then the supplier company needed to know that their contracted phone reps. were using deceptive practices. AS it turns out, a service switching order was attempted to be put through, but rejected by my electric company because North American Power did not have all the right service numbers they needed, but instead tried to put numbers together that might get the service switched.
Consumer Affairs of the PUC (Public Utility Commission) told me this. The PUC can help IF YOU DID NOT AGREE TO A CONTRACT. Be very careful what you say to anyone over the phone, as it can be construed as a "YES" to be switched. NEVER GIVE OUT PERSONAL ACCT. #'S OR ANY OTHER INFO. And they will accept a "YES" from anyone who answers your phone, who they will ask for account numbers and other information! Same goes for any e-mail.
Also, after the contract period they promised you is over, if you do not respond in a timely manner (whatever that is anymore) before the expiration date of your "oral" contract over the phone or via the computer, your rates will surely skyrocket, and they will be within their rights to gauge you. Do not give any information to anyone over the phone or by e-mail unless you intend to give them your authorization. Many "words" they compel you to say over the phone or type in an e-mail will be used as your legal authorization to become their customer.

Jul 1, 2015

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