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North American Movers / Scam and cheating

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North American Movers promised to collect goods on July 22nd 2008 and deliver in approx 3 weeks for a move from WA to PA. Arrived one day late for collection although the driver called me late at night to say he could collect at around 2am! Eventually delivered goods at almost twice original binding estimate after almost 7 weeks! Had to buy new wedding clothes as i told them i had to have my goods delivered by the 26th/27th Aug max because i was getting married on 29th and then going on honeymoon to UK until October and all my wedding clothing etc was in my boxes.

Company promised to deliver about every 3 days from the 3-week period onwards but always had different excuses like driver in accident and hospital, truck broke down, etc. I offered time and again to hire a truck and go collect my goods myself (they told me my goods were in NJ at the 3-week point which at max is a 2hr drive from my house in PA) but they refused to let me collect it. Eventually time for my wedding came (29th Aug away from home in Vermont) and they offered to deliver the weekend of my wedding! Told them this was impossible. They offered me a $1000 discount (half remaining unverified weight invoice plus $300 for my clothes) I accepted. Then they reduced this to $400 and refused any compensation for my wedding clothing. They prominently advertise they are AMSA members on their website, when this is untrue (I checked!). Company eventually delivered to me after 7 weeks at almost TWICE the original BINDING estimate and then refused to give me even the $400 discount. I made them reweigh my goods with me present (which they had offered free right from the start and i do have proof) and they were 500lb LIGHTER than the invoice and the driver did repay this ($441). They actually even deny that i attended the reweigh even though I had to sign a confirmation of attending it on the invoice! They deny now that my goods were ever in New Jersey! Guess they were lying then too!

Don't EVER use this company! They are a total rip-off! I am now about to file a claim in small claims court to recoup my losses and repay their lies! I wish it wasn't necessary. I also see from the Better Business Bureau that they have only been in operation for 5 months, though they told me many years, so i guess they have changed their name recently also. They say they are in association with AMSA on their website fraudulently too. I have reported them to AMSA and Better Business Bureau.

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  • Ni
      9th of Oct, 2008

    Hi I am sooo scared after reading your post. I need your assistance please as I just had this same co. move my goods from CA to SD. And on the day of pickup it was a nightmare ! I should have know but went ahead with the pick. They told me about the delay of one day also and the accident and hospital as well. I am now wanting to know if you did in deed receive all of your belongings in one piece??

    Please write me back please I am at my ends wit of stressing on this! Please help!

    Nichol worried consumer

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  • Gr
      13th of Nov, 2008

    My wife and I contracted with North American Movers to move our household goods from Bradenton, Fla to Homer, Alaska in Oct/08. They showed up 2 wks late. Our goods were supposed to be placed in storage in Fla (our Fla home is being sold) until we completed our move from Sitka, Alaska to Homer, Alaska. Instead, they loaded up our goods, transported them to Los Angeles, California. Then they recinded their original bid of $7200, and sent us a new bill for $34, 000! We don't have that kind of money! They were never to leave Fla with our stuff in the first place, let alone revising their original estimate and never notifying us!

    I'll agree we had more than they figured, but not because we didn't accurately describe our household goods. We are not experts, and counted on their bid, very foolish on our part! Our stuff is now in L.A. in storage. Government agencies have been little help. No one really wants to help us, so we have had to hire an atty in L.A. to stop our goods from being sold at auction. I'm retired from law enforcement, and my wife is a critical care nursing supervisor here in Homer. What started our as a wonderful opportunity has turned into a nightmare! We don't know if we'll ever see our lifetime of family possessions, including numerous important papers, my police and military awards, my wife's medical awards and accomplishments, and even a hand typed family history of her family completed by her father over a 30 yr period. He has now passed on, so that will be impossible to replace.

    We have talked with the company rep "Eddy" and others at their offices in Woodland Hills, Cal. They refuse to give last names and have been extreemly arrogant.

    It is also evident that forms our neighbor signed when loaded were blank, and then filled in by American Movers several days later (Sure looks like Fraud to me, and maybe a criminal count of Felony Theft by Deception). Our neighbor had no authority to authorize a bill of $34, 000, and would not have done anything like that without contacting us personally. I now have the originasl documents to prove this allegation! He signed only that they picked our goods, signed an inventory list, and insured that our home was not being professionally cleaned out by burglars!

    I have contacted LAPD Fraud Unit, the LA FBI White Collar Crimes Unit, the California PUCO, the National BBB, and the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Admin. I will continue to file complaints on this company until the 2nd coming of our Lord and Savior!

    Oh, and I might also add, that during our initial conversations, they insinuated that they were associated with North American Van Lines! In closing, they also are demanding payment in full to their office in L.A. before any of our goods will be delivered. Fat chance of that, I'm going to see my property first! Our atty in L.A. will handle that part of any negotiation.

    Don't ever use this company, "scam artists" and "fraud" are terms that don't begin to accurately describe this company. You can contact me at [protected] for verification!

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