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North American Loans / Rip Off

1 TX, United States

This happened a little over a year ago just after my husband was killed in an airplane crash. I had started looking online for something that I could work from home and earn extra income. I received a call from Jeremy Bebout about North American Loans and how easy it would be to make extra income. I was contacted again by another man who name I can not remember and who was very convincing but I was hesitant because the amount he said I needed to invest was over 8000.00. I told him I would need to think about it. He called back and conitnued with the sales pitch convincing me that I would more than double what I invest in the next year. I finally agreed to it and gave him my information for my credit card. Over the next few days with my mind still muddled and in a deep depression I pondered over what I had done and contacted them back telling them that I had made a mistake and I wanted my money back. They got really nasty with me about it and told me that I couldn't have it back that I invested it. Even after I told them that I was not in my right mind at that time due to the sudden death of my husband they still refused to give me my money back. I really didn't know what to do at that time to try and get my money back because I really couldn't think straight. They told me that I would get al kind of free help to up start my online business. That never happened. I even tried to call them back but the phone call went to the answering machine so I would leave a message for them to call me back but no such luck. They are nothing but scam artist who pray on people down in their luck and take their hard earned money to fill their own pockets. In my case it was a recently widowed woman who was really vunerable and could not really think straight. I am finally getting my life back on track slowly, I am still very depressed, my memory was affected by the sudden tragic loss of my husband so it makes it hard to recall a lot of important things. I have long term and short term memory loss which my doctor tributes to the tragic loss of my husband last May. I remember this only because I wrote down information so I could have a way to recall the converstations. THESE PEOPLE ARE RIP OFF PROFESSION SCAMMERS. I HOPE THEY GET CAUGHT AND GO TO PRISON FOR A LONG LONG TIME!!!

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