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North America Relocation Group / Moving scams

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I called this company at [protected] and spoke to mike davis on one occasion, david on another and finally the dispatcher adam, whose real name is adi peretz the former owner of the globus moving company closed by the federal government for scamming people with the phony cubic footage moving scam. The scam is they always manage to add or find a ridiculous amount of cubic feet to charge you extra money for. Don't fall for this. Its a trap. They charged me 1284.00 on the contract and finally the bill topped out at $4211.00 after they got my ### on the truck. The bbb and the dot ignored my claims and so after some investigating, i found the truth. Globus moving is owned and operated by adi peretz aka adam... located at 19408 londelius street, northridge, ca, 91324. This company is a nationwide scamming company and takes advantage of people who want low cost moving. They hold your stuff hostage and only want cash or credit cards right away.d.o.t# 1545540/m.c#574620. I went to the 1409 kuehner drive, unit 225, simi valley, ca. 93063 address and there is no moving company there. Its a mailbox. This company is fraudulent and rips you off. Be careful.

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  • Ha
      17th of Jun, 2007
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    I hired GLOBUS moving last year in October with quite the similar experience. I was moving form CA to GA and went online to well that was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I was contacted by 6 moving companies, one of which was GLOBUS now named North American Relocation group located in Northridge CA, they say they are located in Simi Valley, but they are not. But both companies have the same address because they are one in the same. After the customer service representative called me, I was very impressed. She told me that she would give me 30 days free storage and if I needed it, my furniture could be stored for up to six months, the first 3 months for free. The driver showed up to my apartment on time with 3 other workers and they were great, so far, IT WAS GOOD! I got my things packed and flew to GA, on my paperwork, I gave them a date of 60 days later because I was going to be staying with a friend and did not have a permanent address.

    Three days after the move the truck driver Elias called me saying he was 200 miles away and needed to get final directions so that he could deliver my furniture. Now I was extremely confused and worried, one because I had asked specifically for my furniture to be stored and 2nd because I had no money for the delivery. I explained to the driver that he was wrong and my furniture was not due until another 57 days. Again, he was very polite and treated me with respect, saying "Madame, that is not what I was told on my paperwork it states that I have an emergency delivery, I am 200 miles away and need to check with my dispatcher to see what the problem is, here is my phone number if you have any concerns please contact me, I will get back with you as soon as I hear from the company I hauling for. I am an independent contractor and go by paper work only". I was upset and could not believe this was going on, no room at my friends and my furniture only a few hours away. ADI, called me stating that he had paperwork in hand saying my furniture was to be delivered in 4 days and that I had to give the driver the remainder of the cash. After arguing with ADI for about 10 minutes I saw it was going no where and I called back the driver. He told me that he had instructions from ADI to put my things in storage and charge me a re-delivery charge when I would need the storage. However, he did sympathize with me and told me that my paperwork did say 60 days, but someone must have gotten the paperwork mixed up and then put it on his truck , because all orders on his truck were emergency deliveries. He stated he was sorry and was just doing his job. I contacted ADI very upset who then told me "look, your furniture is in a storage place in Atlanta and when you get the money along with a redelivery charge of $760 I will give you your furniture paid in cash, we argued again because it was not fair because I had original paperwork and my furniture was in essence being held hostage.

    Things did not go well for me in GA and I was not able to get my furniture in 60 days, I made arrangements with Maria who contacted me a few months later stating I needed to pay them because my check had bounced. I told her I was being cheated and I would pay the entire balance upon receipt of my furniture because I did not trust the company anymore. She told me she would check into my claims and get back with me. Two months later and no call, I left several messages on their voice mail no answers. Adi called my mother's house and threatened to have my things sold in auction. I called only to find my things had been sold in auction and I was never notified. A lot of the things were personal possessions, photos of my family members and my computer which had valuable programs on it. I was started a fuel saver business and all my product was there.

    All this gone down the drain because ADI , GLOBUS MOVING, NORH AMERICAN RELOCAION GROUP, all are a fraud and all are the same. TAKE HEED.

  • Sh
      27th of Jul, 2007
    0 Votes

    I could not agree more this the complaints. I wish I had found this information BEFORE we hired this company to move my daughter & her husband. Not only did they not show up until 6:30 p.m., but the $2500 quote turned into an over $5,000 charge. They also sent the movers to the wrong city and charged us with the extra fuel. We tried 4 days prior to the move to get a hold of them and could not get anyone to answer the phone. We were told that the maximum we would be charged over was 10% of the original quote or $250 and we were charged $1980. Please let everyone one know about this company and how they scam people.

  • Ak
      9th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    WOW...literally just got done dealing with this company. After researching and finding this site with your claims I too was being charged an extra thousand bucks. So what I did after consulting with a lawyer was I went to the court and paid my bill and got a bond through them and went with the cops to where they had my things and they had to release it. If they want the money the have to take me to court which I am sure they will not do. My money will be relesed back to me after a year and those people can go screw themselves...I practically beat them at there own game!! mwhahahahahaha!!! You should have seen the look on their faces..the cops told them if they didnt release my things they would be inpirsoned for 1 year!!! BOOYAAA!!!

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