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I rec msg on tv screen that the lamp was nearing the end of its life. We called Norman's for service. The repair man, Tom, came out and replaced the lamp. When he tested the tv, the tv came on and then immediately cut off. He worked on it a few more minutes. After which, he ran the tv for a few minutes and told me if it happened again to call him. The turning on and shutting off never happened before his service visit. After he left, the tv never worked right again. It would turn on but kept shutting off. Tom came back out 3 weeks later on 2/27/09. He replaced the T1 pwb. I was working in my home office while he worked downstairs on the TV. He worked for about an hour. He said that the TV was on when he left. Honestly, I don't remember the TV being on when I came down stairs. I telecommute to work so I don't use the downstairs tv during the day. When my son, Adam, tried to turn the tv on after school, it never turned on. (see sidenote below)I called the Tom who said that they will have to pick up the entire unit for repair because he doesn't know what is wrong. I asked him if he could return to look at it as it was a little after 4pm on Friday. And the time it takes to get service can take weeks. He said no that he couldn't come back out. SIDENOTE: I attempted to call the number listed on the order form. The recording stated the office hours which said that the office closed at 5:30p.m. It was about half past 3 pm (2-27-09) when I first started calling customer service. No one answered the line and there was no general mailbox to leave a msg in. I tried calling for 30 minutes when I started picking random mailboxes to leave messages in hopes that someone would call me back. After leaving a few messages, I got Mr. Mundy's line which he answered. I explained to him what happened and his response was "All I want to know is, why are you telling me this and not calling customer service." I explained that I'd been calling customer svc to no avail. I told him the rep's first name and he gave me the cell number. In my home, Tom was always polite but he never once seemed very confident in what he was doing. I noticed the smugness and indifference from Mr.Mundy that has been reported to Norman's before about other reps. Is this smugness and indifference towards all your customers or just specific customers? I can only hope that my business means something to the reader of this email. We have our warranty through Fry's which uses Norman's Electronics for service. We have used Norman's before to replace the lamp in 2007. To your credit, that rep was efficient, professional and courteous. The rep was an African-American male who replaced the lamp with no subsequent issues stemming from his service. The problem occurred when the lamp needed replacing again and we got Tom. Tom even tried to walk me through pulling the lamp out and replacing it. I didn't feel comfortable doing this at all. That's why my husband and I got the warranty so that professionals can service it. Tom, I swear I am not trying to put you on blast (that's why I didn't use your last name)but this is ridiculous. If possible, please send the first rep back out. I look forward to hearing from someone at Norman's on Monday.

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      Jul 30, 2015

    This place used to be good but now they are just incompetent, arrogant, and irresponsible. I left them two Hafler amps, two Hafler preamps, and one NAD 6070 receiver for repair. They charged me considerably more than their estimate - and NONE of the amps, preamps, or receiver worked! (Actually, the NAD amp worked for all of 5 minutes before shutting down). They were arrogant when they overcharged me and they refused to fix their work or refund my money.

    Find another place to have your electronics fixed.

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