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I had been getting all of my prescriptions filled at the local Walgreens Pharmacy (on Port Charlotte Boulevard and US 41) since you built one only a block away from my home, to a total of nearly $2, 00.00. Two of which were for Opana 40 mg ER, and Opana 10 mg IR. After having these, among others, filled for over a year at this store, one day, your pharmacist suddenly, out of nowhere, decided I no longer met the requirements for having these two filled. No explanation at all, just "We can not fill these for you", NEXT(there was a line)". I heard the phrase "red flagged" from behind the counter.The only thing out of the ordinary was that I had been referred to a different physician, who had all the necessary credentials, and had written a legal and valid prescription! This Pain Management Clinic phased out all patients who were receiving any form of treatment other than spinal injections. The previous month, this Walgreens had told me they didn't have enough to fill these medications, causing me to return to my original doctor who gave me a prescription for 90 percocets to hold me over until Walgreens had enough to fill the order. I could see this obviously annoyed him, and he decided to refer me to another pain management doctor, from whom I have been receiving excellent treatment! I asked for some kind of an explanation, I was told that if I created a disturbance, the police would be called. All I remember about the pharmacist is that her first name was Susan.
After taking these narcotic prescriptions for such a long time, I ended up going into serious withdrawals before I could find another pharmacy that carried this medication. Not too long after that, I received a total printout of all of these two prescriptions I had been receiving from Walgreens, filled at this store during my time with them. Imagine my surprise when this print out showed they had been giving me 30 mg ER tablets for the entire time. I have in my possession, a list of all drugs prescribed to me from Southwest Florida Pain Management. This showed one initial prescription for the 30 mg ER's, and then the balance of all prescriptions for this medication, listed as the 40 mg tablets, which I was getting. This went on for almost a year prior to this incident. This shows that there was something funny going on in this pharmacy, of which I have no idea, but is a very serious problem for you to figure out. Wow, I really thought Walgreens had better control, particularly on narcotic pain relievers!

As for the drugs, you were being used, and something very funny was going on. In reality, it is not funny at all. It is hard enough to get the proper prescriptions without stores like this one stealing from customers. All I remember about the pharmacist is that her name was Susan, and she was very young. I have all the evidence in hand and am going to the FDA and the DEA with it, and I sincerely hope you have to pay a very punitive price for using such shady practices! That is unless you can produce another print out showing something other than what I have. I have your print outs, and copies of the said prescriptions in hand, and believe me it will give me great satisfaction to proceed with the issue. These drugs are becoming more and more difficult to obtain all the time, due to the epidemic of dishonest doctors and dishonest patients. This has had the unfortunate affect of making it more difficult for people that legitimately meed these drugs to lead a normal life! If you could demonstrate to me this problem has been investigated and fixed, I would like nothing more than to simply go back to having all my meds come from Walgreens, since this doesn't have to become a publicity nightmare for your company.

That is not "blackmail", I just want to be treated fairly!!!

You owe it to yourself and to all of your customers to investigate this situation and get it resolved! As it is, I transferred all of my prescriptions to another drug store, and it cost you around $2000 a month in legitimate business due to a few unscrupulous employees.

I would very much like to be able to return to the local pharmacy with all of my prescriptions, if this misunderstanding can be worked out. I once went up the chain on-line to someone higher in your hierarchy who contacted this pharmacist, and the only thing this pharmacist said was that she didn't feel the prescription in question had been written in "good faith". That is the lamest excuse I have ever heard, given my lengthy
history. I even showed them the referral papers, which the tech rudely refused to even look at. This incident occurred at least two to three years ago, sorry but that is the closest I can come. I am not hiding, and am a completely honest individual, and to demonstrate that I am including my name and address.
Hopefully yours.

David Lang
3071 Pinetree Street
Port Charlotte, Florida 33952

Oct 01, 2016

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