None-Personal Complaint / Delivery complaint

I have had three or four packages delivered (not really) by UPS the last three or four months. So far, the driver has not actually delivered my packages. The first one he/she left at my neighbor's house (no issue with this one). The second one he didn't even bother to come up by driveway. He threw the package (and I say threw because the package was severely damaged) out of the truck and it landed on my neighbor's property and I just noticed it when I went up our driveway. At least he wrapped in plastic so it wouldn't get wet. The third one was again in my neighbor's property, but this time leaning up against a tree. Last night I came home and this time he came almost all the way up my driveway, but not quite and threw the package under a tree. This time the box was not wrapped in plastic, but was damaged. Luckily it hadn't rained so the ground wasn't yet because in that box was a box of envelopes. I am getting really tired of finding my packages everywhere but where there supposed to be delivered to - my house. My husband is home all day so there is no reason for this to occur. I do have three dogs, but all he has to do is honk is horn and my husband will put them in the house. Our dogs are golden retrievers and are not aggressive at all. While I understand his caution, he should at least come up to my house, close his door and then honk his horn. He can also call if he needs to. I find his handling of my packages totally irresponsible and I would hate to see what would happen when I ordered something that is breakable. I live in Lancaster, Ohio. I am going to ask companies I order from NOT to use UPS due to the poor service I am receiving.

Nov 22, 2016

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