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Phone: 07901304285

Attention : emad majeed hameed

Procedure for funds release.

1. The winnings (600, 000 great british pounds) is in a certified cashier cheque and it will be delivered via courier service to your home address in your country. Attached to this email is the nokia payment release form, you are required to fill and choose a courier service within next (3) days. Failure to do so shall render you disqualified and winnings revoked.

2. You are required to have your driver & rsquo;s license or international passport that tallies with the name in the filled form for identification and confirmation by the courier service chosen.

3. Nokia is responsible for the tax and insurance on the cheque but you are responsible for the delivery fees of the courier service chosen. It has to be paid before the delivery is made, nokia can not pay for the delivery fees due to security and safety of your package. You will be intimated further by the courier company chosen in this regard.

4. The amount of money is huge as such try as much as possible to keep yours wins strictly confidential until funds has been received. This is to avoid impersonation or double claims which have been experienced in previous draws.

5. You should note that no deduction of any kind can't be made on their prize because the hard cover insurance policy incurred on the cheque with your verification no : cn-[protected].

We wish on behalf of all members and staff of nokia congratulate you on your win and wish you the best of luck as you spend your good fortune.

Congratulations for being part of our commemorative 143rd anniversary draws.

Yours faithfully,
Mark hall
Tel : +[protected]

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  • Ah
      Jun 13, 2013


    2nd Floor Berkley Square House,
    Berkley Square London,
    W1J 6BD London,
    United Kingdom.

    Congratulations once again, we the staffs and members of NOKIA INC. congratulate you as one of the lucky winners on this year(2013) NOKIA MOBILE REWARD SCHEME.
    COURIER DELIVERY; Winners that are unable to come down to United Kingdom due to distance barrier or job schedules are to contact our Affiliate Courier Services ( BRITISH AIRWAYS WORLD CARGO COURIER ). The Courier will give you details on the registration of your parcel and the mode to remit the mailing charges. NOKIA INC. will not be responsible for any charges incurred in getting your consignment through the courier.

    The Courier charges will be paid before Delivery process will commence.

    BRITISH AIRWAYS WORLD CARGO COURIER is a courier services that has been Insured and assigned to this promotion due to complains from winners unable to come to United Kingdom. The BRITISH AIRWAYS WORLD CARGO COURIER will deliver your signed cheque and other Legal Documents to your desired address.
    For more information on delivery requirement and charges, you are to contact our affiliate BRITISH AIRWAYS WORLD CARGO COURIER via email: [protected] with the information below;

    1. Full Name:
    2. Country:
    3. Winning Mobile Number:
    4. Delivery Address:
    5. Any of your valid identification card for proper recognition:
    6. Verification Number (CN-435-032-061) which you are to keep strictly confidential
    7. Payment No: NK55BE

    Blenheim Road Lancing Business Park
    Lancing West Sussex BN15 8UQ,
    London, United Kingdom.
    Mr. Fredrick Gold
    Dispatch Officers
    Email: [protected]
    The BRITISH AIRWAYS WORLD CARGO COURIER have three options of Delivery and they are as follow,

    1) Gold Express Delivery(Within 24 HRS) Amount : £1000 GBP which is equivalent to $1, 630 US DOLLARS
    2) Silver Express Delivery(Within 48 HRS) Amount : £750 GBP which is equivalent to $1, 222 US DOLLARS
    3) Bronze Express Delivery(Within 72 HRS) Amount : £550 GBP which is equivalent to $ 896 US DOLLARS
    The BRITISH AIRWAYS WORLD CARGO COURIER will write you on how to make Payment for the delivery as soon as they receive your email, they will contact you regarding the cost of delivery of your Cheque of 700, 000.00 pounds from Nokia Mobiles Inc to your Country.
    NOTE: The courier charge cannot be deducted from your won prize as a result of the following reasons:

    1. You are not paying the money to Nokia. It is for the delivery of your parcel by the courier service, Nokia has given out your prize to you and has also paid for the Insurance and Administrative charges of all winning cheque(s) and cannot pay for the delivery of any parcel.
    2. as stated in the Nokia Rules and Regulations, the courier charge cannot be deducted from the won prize because the money is in cheque and is carrying a high security 'IGB' bond which makes it impossible for anyone to tamper with the cheque apart from the bearer whose name is inscribed on it.
    3. The courier charge is as high as that because of the content of the parcel which makes it a diplomatic parcel, and will require approval from the British Gaming Board before leaving United Kingdom.

    Past winners round the world with full of excitement

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  • Be
      Jul 05, 2013


    DO NOT SEND ANY INFORMATION TO THAT SCAMMER "LOTTERY VERIFICATION CENTER" They are using a free web based email address and trying to scam you.

    If you simply check the Nokia Website, it will tell you there is NO SUCH LOTTERY OR DRAW.

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  • Be
      Jul 26, 2013

    Do not contact anyone - and do not listen to the scammer "oau"


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  • Ad
      Jun 03, 2016
    Nokia - lottery verification

    on 12/5 I received a text from +353877824862. It read
    "Nokia celebrates 40yrs. Your Mobile Number has won #750, 000 Pounds in the Nokia Awards. claimcode:NK11. To claim your prize send email to [protected]" I sent a short reply of 7 words. They emailed me the following document:

    HYPERLINK "" t "_blank" 
 HYPERLINK "" t "_blank"
    Friars House 157-168 Blackfriars Road
    SE1 8EZ London
    United Kingdom

    Good day Beneficiary, 

First of all we apologize for the delay in sending you your result  notice. It was due to the sorting out process of results for other contestants. You are hereby a winner of a cash sum payout of £750, 000.00 (Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand Great British Pounds).

    On this note we congratulate you.
    To this effect, you are to find below the Nokia Prize declaration form,  as soon as your declaration has been received, your winning cheque will be signed and packaged to the delivery company, furthermore an instant notification will be sent to you as soon as your cheque has been signed and package to the delivery company, notifying you of the delivery company as well as their contact. As soon as you receive their contact, you are to establish contact with the company and find out all modalities involved in the delivery of your funds (GBP750, 000:00).Note that in completing your declaration form WE HEREBY ADVICE THAT YOU IMMEDIATELY  FILL THE NOKIA PRIZE DECLARATION FORM BELOW AND GET BACK TO US. 
    NOTE: All information is strictly confidential and will only be used for the purpose to which it is been requested.
                                                                                                   FILL CORRECTLY
    I ... in good health and sound mental state on this day the... day in the month of... 20___. Hereby declare that the information I have filled above are true.
    Bar. Alan Roberts
    Phone Contact: +447 02404 1850
    Nokia Claims Department

                                                                            The Company.       
                                                          Material Copyright©2011. All Rights Reserved
                                                                                         HYPERLINK "" t "_blank"
    Since receiving this I made contact with Please reply by email or phone 0403 712 338

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