SUBMIT A COMPLAINT advertising scam encourages the public to do illegal electrical work and post slander feedback

We were first contacted on the phone in 2008 by offering business online advertising where they claimed only the best businesses advertise. The costs were more that Yellow Pages and NoCowboys were not using Google adwords to boost their performance. But instead they mailed us their self adhesive advertising to give to our customers to place feedback on our company listing. We were handing out their advertising to our customers who had never heard of NoCowboys and turned out to be a tactic to boost their google ranking without paying google for advertising. We found unlicensed members of the public such as taking their washing machine apart and requested assistance on the phone from us to put it back together and when we informed them that we could not help because they were not registered electricians. They then place nasty feedback on NoCowboys calling us useless XXXX because we wouldn't help them on the phone. We got Nocowboys to remove it but they told us that if that person authenicated themselves the bad feeback would reappear. We never got one single job from NoCowboys advertising and stopped using their services. We received 2 further nasty feedbacks from people who were were undertaking their own illegal electrical installations that we refused to get involved with. They were using Nocowboys to slander our company because we refused to break the law. NoCowboys refused to remove the nasty feedback even though the persons posting the the feedback had clearly broken the law carrying out illegal electrical work.

Feb 20, 2016

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