No Response To About 4 Emails Stentheadphones

I ordered some headfones for xmas for my grandson as he plays on his xbox & talks to other people
I don't understand anyway they never arrived I wasn't overly bothered as I say I don't understand them anyway he kept asking me where they were I sent emails but I never got any reply at all I sent about four in the mean time I had to get him another pair g2000 usb 3.5 mm stereo surround pc led gaming set blue £9.90 my friend got me them from wish as well as I was so peed off with it all anyway in the end he was happy cos he'd got but not for xmas over the time i've brought a lot of things from wish & ive never ad a problem it's just rude that no ones got back to me arrr there we go again rant over

Jun 10, 2018

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