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No More Mortgage / Shady Company

1 444 West 600 SouthLindon, UT, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 800.598.1657

The simple plan that the company put together does seem like it will work, it is however, not something that one should drop $6, 500.00 on. They told us to put it on our credit card and not to worry that would be paid off in a couple of months. We like fools did what they asked us to do. Months later we came to find out our mortgage was being paid on the wrong day (they in turn accused us of not making our payment for the month prior, a payment I have the receipt for) as well as accruing late charges on another credit card due on the 4th but being paid by their affiliate on the 17th (yes they have another company do all the work). When we called to ask what was going on they said we need to review our whole plan again three months after we began. I was under the assumption we were going to do it right the first time not have to go back every couple of months. Then I asked NMM exactly what we paid them all that money for. They claimed some financial toolkit sessions, which we were contacted once about and not followed up on and their online rebates program in which we received $14.00 back after doing our X-Mas shopping. We addressed our concerns to customer service who up and down apologized for not helping us with what we paid for and used the excuse that the company was restructuring and had a hard time keeping up. We immediately asked for our money back since we did not feel that we were important as a customer to the company and had several emails and bills to back us up on our beliefs. We were directed to a man named Doug Rosborough who sent us an email with the following statement.

“I would like to discuss these items and see how we can help make things better. No business can long exist if its middle name is Santa Claus and it hands out refunds nearly a year after sign-up and after hours of time invested. I honestly do not see a breach of contract from our side. I see many and consistent attempts to help. There might have been a misunderstanding at the inception of the plan. Is that reason to get up from this seat in the theater and walk out?”

Santa Claus???? Are you kidding me we are talking serious business and for first impressions my husband and I were offended by that. We want some help and clarification. We did not need a sales pitch. We already heard the sales pitch when we were duped into their program. We had a conversation with this guys in which he then apologized up and down for that comment (he brought it up not us) and for calling almost 20 min. after the time we had originally set up. We went over our complaints and he told us he seemed to think that we had justified reasoning. He brought it to their “Refund Committee” who did not deem it justified. I asked for the following questions to be answered.

1. We want a rebuttal to our complaints with hard evidence as to why they feel our complaints are not valid.
2. We also want a full break down as to where the money we gave to them at contract signing has been allocated.
3. In addition to their simple statement that their decision of our case is justified, we are requesting an example of what they would consider a justifiable reason for a refund.

It has been a week now and we have heard nothing. I would not advise anyone to fall for these schemes and if you are interested in a program such as this one DO NOT pay any money for it. After looking into it there are a lot of credible resources available on the internet AT NO CHARGE.

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  • Pe
      24th of Aug, 2008
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    I sent for the information, watched the Video and after about 5 days decided that it wasnt for us. Esspecialy at the price they were asking. First of all, YOU need to have control of your money. NEVER hand control of such a vital payment to someone eles. I called to get my Return Authorization Number so I could return the material and could not get through. I was leary of leaving a message of what I needed, so I left a 'cheerful, bogus' message that would insure a phone call back. I got one right a way and THEN told them what I needed. I sent it back UPS with a tracking number so I know when they get it.

    This program is one you could do on your own. You DONT need to pay some one eles to do it for you. Just be disiplined and stay on target. Its really that simple.

    I will let you know if I get my refund or have a hassel.

  • An
      3rd of Sep, 2008
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    Of course you can eliminate debt on your own!
    You can also lose weight on your own!
    You can also relieve stress on your own!
    The list goes on... there are SO many things that people do out of habit (spending money, eating too much, stressing about insignificant things, etc) and ALL of those things can be changed by your own discipline!

    No more mortgage gave me that discipline and that's why my husband and I enrolled; we're realists who know that when we say "it'll get done soon", it really won't.

    Besides, when we paid the $7, 000 I felt a peace of mind because I know that I'm saving so much more in interest and in years-like he said, it's the big, long-term picture we should be looking at, not just small portion of the picture. We have a little over 4 years to be out of debt and if it hadn't been for no more mortgage then I know it wouldn't have been possible; I also know that my husband and I wouldn't have lasted this long either.

  • Ta
      15th of Mar, 2009
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    Are you kidding me? $7, 000.00?!?!?!?

    Go check out the non-profit Money Management, Inc. At instead. They offer a bunch of free info, have been incredible in negotiating with the credit card companies for me and ended up raising my credit.

    $7, 000?!?!? Incredible! You're better off using that money to reduce your debt!

  • La
      25th of Mar, 2009
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    Message from the President
    We have been serving clients’ needs with the most effective debt-elimination program in the country since 1996. Nearly all of our clients are thrilled with their experience with us and nothing is more personally satisfying to me than to see the dramatic improvements that we make in their lives.
    Because of our company’s mission, our policies, and the well-trained and caring staff we employ, I never dreamed we would have complaints. But now, as we have grown, I have to admit that we have had a few complaints along the way. We have always made it a priority to quickly address and resolve any client concern that comes up, as you can see on the Better Business Bureau website where we are proud to be an accredited member (
    Our policy is simple: We do the right thing for our clients. When checking us out (which we hope you will do) please consider the following:
    1) We have ended our relationships with outside call centers that “oversold” our self-help program, as this was our main source of complaints. But even counting these complaints, our complaint ratio has been less than 1 in 3, 000. While our goal is to get complaints to zero, we already have one of the highest client satisfaction rates in the country for just about any product or service.

    2) In the rare case where we have fallen short, we do whatever it takes to satisfy our client. If that requires a refund, we issue a refund. We continue to make improvements with the goal of eliminating any possibility of future complaints. We are only in this business to benefit clients to their total satisfaction.

    3) When we began, most clients were family, neighbors, and friends. Now that we have clients nationwide, the biggest vote of confidence we receive is that so many of our new clients come as the result of a recommendation from a current client (usually a family member or close friend). We take great pride in these recommendations as the ultimate endorsement of the effectiveness of our program.

    4) Complaints on the Internet are mostly anonymous and usually impossible to track down. We do know that at least one posting, pretending to be a client, was created by a company that provides expensive financial coaching, and is upset about losing business to us. Some negative comments are from detractors who believe that everyone should manage their finances on their own, and that paying anything for help is foolish. I respectfully disagree. If everyone could eliminate all their debt on their own, why is it that such a high percentage of consumers are so stressed out over their debt load? While we applaud and encourage those who are doing well on their own, we take great satisfaction every day from clients who tell us they would have never accomplished so much so quickly without our help.
    If you want to know how our clients feel about our program, you can listen to them on our website. These are real clients sharing their actual experiences.
    We make it easy to learn first-hand what we have to offer. The Free CD is full of great information (and you won’t even pay a shipping or handling charge.) The follow-up customized debt-elimination analysis we provide is free as well. It is the easiest way to see exactly how fast we could eliminate all of your debt (including your mortgage) and get answers to your questions.
    You have my personal assurance that you will benefit from speaking with us. If our program is not a good match for your situation, we will give you the name and phone number of someone who can help you. I invite you to look into this with an open mind. Get the facts, see if the numbers make sense to you, and make your own decisions. You have nothing to lose but your debts.
    Larry Ruff, President

  • Mi
      28th of Mar, 2009
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    They called me once, and offered me a free CD on how theit program works. They said it was a 30 day trial, and if I didn't like it I could return it. I said OK, and a week later I received a huge box that I could barely pick up. I opened it a few days later, and there was a huge amount of paperwork, 4 CD and a book. 2 of the CD's were pure testimonials, from people that may of have been paid, about how great No More Mortgage was.
    The other 2 CD's were blank. It was the end of Aughust and I had to go on a business trip
    and when I returned, I started readind their book. Oh boy, is that a joke. They went uot of their way to write a book about something the entire world knows? Try and save money.
    I then called them, and told them I was returning their package, and they told me, it was too late and they won't accept it.
    They then wen't to the liberty of charging my Credit Card 2 times for $69.95 each time.
    I subsequently changed my Credit Card number and called them up.
    They told me they had recorded my conversation and I had signed up for their program.
    They e-mailed me the recording, which I never agreed to, and they never informed me of.
    Now I'm disputing it with the Credit Card Company, and they are sending me letters for the balance.Talking about SCAMS? These guys aught to be next in line with Madoff.
    I always thought the law was, you have to inform someone prior to recording them.
    This story is true.
    Mike from New Jersey

  • Br
      19th of Jun, 2009
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    I ordered the product on November 6th 2007 and I too thought I would get something simpler to look at instead of the bulky box of stuff I never bothered to look at. I paid 9.95 for the 30 day trial and since i really didnt get around to looking at all the stuff in the box, i was then charged $59.83 in December.

    I then called them in January I think to let them know i never got around to looking at their product and that I wanted a refund. The bottom line was that if i had the time to go through all the stuff that was in the box, I could probably figure out how to get out of debt myself by doing my own budgeting and payoff planning. I don't recall it being too difficult but I got my refund on Feb 5, 2008.

    In my opinion, people CAN get out of debt on their own, just like they can lose weight on their own, etc., etc... like a previous comment posted. HOWEVER, it is VERY difficult and that is why companies like this exist. Paying $6, 000 to get out mortgage debt 6-7 years before schedule is a lot of money. But if it saves over $300, 000 in the long run, it is money well spent.

    I used the FREE debt elimination analysis as a template to figure out how to reduce my credit card debt which was over $15, 000 in January 2008. I am now $400 away from being debt free of credit card debt (in just over a year's time).

    I post this because I was looking at the debt analysis plan again so see how i can do the same for my mortgage. Truth is that for a Mortgage, it is A LOT more difficult. I then decided to google NMM to see if they're still around and found all these comments. I'm still on the fence about using them for my mortgage so if anyone has any suggestions in favor or against, or alternatives, it would be great.

    Brian S. from New York

  • Ga
      9th of Jul, 2009
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    I have a suggestion against using this service. At the end of the day, it boils down to discipline. If you have been paying down credit card debt, when you are clear of it, you can use the same monthly allotment to go toward your mortgage. For $60 you can buy Quicken and use their Debt Reduction Analysis and it too can show you how to pay down your mortgage early. If you pay a company thousands of dollars to manage your bills for you, then you will never learn the principle of discipline that is required to prevent any credit card debt from recurring. Plus the satisfaction of knowing that you made the sacrifice necessary without having to turn over your life to someone else will feed you to stay motivated and disciplined going forward.

  • Ri
      3rd of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    Wow there is so much emotion flowing through these posts. Thank-you to everyone who took time to share their views. It has been very educational.

  • Ma
      2nd of Sep, 2009
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    I teach math and use mortgage (or credit card) scenarios as a teaching tool. I've had students tell me years later that this helped them become more financially savvy.

    It all comes down to reducing the average daily balance. Three things are needed to calculate your loan: Number of days in the billing cycle (determined by the bank and the calendar), annual percentage rate (determined by your credit worthiness, but can change) and average daily balance (the one item you have the most control over).

    Your mortgage is calculated based on the assumption that you will make the minimm payment on the last day of the billing cycle, resulting in a higher average daily balance.

    If you pay early, or pay extra, then your ACTUAL average daily balance will be less then predicted. The 'credits' are being applied to the back end of the loan, allowng you to pay it off sooner.

    Here are some suggestions that, yes, can shave years off of your mortgage FOR FREE:
    1) When possible, pay more than what is due.
    2) Make your payment as close to the first day of the billing cycle as you can, instead of the last.
    3) Look into splitting up your payment - many people pay half mid-cycle and the rest end-cycle.

    Examples (for simplicity, this is a typical credit card scenario)
    Assumptions: Starting balance of $2000. No new purchases or returns.
    Minimum payment of $100.

    Make payment of $100 on last day of a 30 day billing cycle (29 days x $2000) + (1 day x $1900) / 30 days = Average Daily Balance of $1996.66

    Make payment of $50 mid month, then $50 end of cycle (14 days x $2000) + (15 days x 1950) + (1 day x $1900) / 30 days = Average Daily Balance of $1971.66

    Make payment of $100 on first day of billing cycle. (1 day x $2000) + (29 days x $1900) / 30 days = Average Daily Balance of $1903.33

    These numbers would of course reduce even more by making more than the minimum.

    Unless you have a pre-payment penalty on your loan, there is nothing stopping you from these FREE TOOLS. In fact, many mortgage companies will leave a blank for you to fill in extra amounts and send out information on setting up customized due dates or split payments. What's in it for them? It looks good on the balance sheet, reduces risk, and allows them to loan it to someone else that much sooner.

  • Ro
      26th of Jul, 2010
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    My advice to anybody considering NoMoreMortgage is read the fine print. They financed the $5000 @15% interest because I had good credit. Then I developed some serious medical problems and dropped out of their program, I was looking at bankruptcy. Now I get daily phone calls from their collection department wanting their $4500. I guess they need the money before I die. NMM/Universal suddenly changed from advisors to pit bulls. I filed a complaint with the BBB but haven't heard back. READ THE CONTRACT, PEOPLE. Don't get in a mess like I'm in. I thought they were the answer to all my they are nightmares.
    Ron from St. George

  • Ap
      2nd of Nov, 2016
    0 Votes

    Larry Ruff is a swindler and thief. They did not fulfill their contract and now he says he is bankrupt and can Not refund my money!! There needs to be a class action suit. He can't even find contracts and there are no financial advisors. BEWARE THIS IS A SCAM

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