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No More Mortgage / Useless company

1 444 West 600 SouthLindon, UT, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 800-598-1657

The company, No More Mortgage is unfortunately, similar to others that you may here on the mainstream radio. They will advertise their free information with the exception of shipping and handling. They will give you a time period in which to evaluate the product before you are charged the full product price. When you call to inquire about the product you will no doubt here about all the benefits, and how they help reduce the tide of consumer debt. The representative pretty much reads from a script, which I imagine with a lot of time, and hard work, one can become quite efficient with. They will record your conversation/order, which tells you right away about their product this is a huge red flag that tells me that people who purchase this product may not be happy at all, and NMM needs to refer back to the old ‘we have your voice confirmation on tape.

After receiving this product, my personal advice is:

* This product is NOT needed. Anyone with basic 6th grade math skills should be able to figure out a simple budget, which is really just addition, subtraction and a little projection. Company actually sent a VERY high-tech budgeting device yes, a piece of paper with lines on it, and common sense advice on the CD.
* If you really want to get out of debt, your very first step should be to NOT order this product thats right put the nearly $400 for this product back in your pocket.
* Spend a little money on Quicken not only will you get fantastic budgeting abilities, but you will have a great opportunity to download your transactions, look at trends etc, and do automatic budgeting based on your real spending.
* If you have already ordered this product, and are still within the trial-period, then chances are you are pretty disappointed. Go ahead and give their customer service a call, and ask for a return authorization. They will try and get you to keep the product by telling you of all the benefits, extending your trial etc. If you are really considering keeping this gem of a product, go ahead and call customer service anyway chances are that by being firm in your desire to return the product, you will get them to negotiate the product cost down to almost nothing.

If you are past your trial period and have found this product to be a great candidate for your trash can, you will not be able to bargain down or return it. If you do not pay, they will get around to calling you in about a year.
Believe me the only people getting out of debt is this company, by sitting back and collecting a fat windfall from desperate customers.

I want to take my experiences and help guide others on them. Personally, I believe this product is an incredible waste of resources; time and money. Good luck on trying to reduce / control your debt. Do yourself a favor get quicken and use your own common sense on spending you will come out ahead by far.

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  • Il
      18th of Jun, 2008
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    No More Mortgage is a life saver for me and my husband! If I had the spare time to create the system myself, I would have done it. I am a team, long-haul truckdriver, and have very little free time. Paying bills out on the road was a NIGHTMARE!!! No More Mortgage, for a small fee each month, pays my bills for me and we will be debt free in about 9 yrs. That's a BIG deal to me since my husband and I are about 10 years away from retirement. I am very happy with the program and feel that it is a real help to those others out there in a similar situation to mine.

  • Ti
      15th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    I orderd the no more mortgage package and it is not at all what they make it out to be. It is nothing that anyone couldn't figure out themselves. I tried to return it within the 30 days but was unsuccessful. So I stopped the payments through my bank so they were unable to charge me a penny. Then I get a phone call from their billing office telling me they are having a problem with my billing info. I call the guy back and explain to him I wish to return the product. He tells me they can't take it back because it is past the 30 day trial period but he could reduce the cost by 120.00. I insisted on returning the crap but he said he couldn't accept it.. WHY NOT? I refused to pay anything for it. I was told either pay for the product or it would be sent to a collection agency and would negatively affect my credit. I am so pissed. Don't waste your money on this crap. Pay off a small debt then take that money you were paying on that debt and apply it to the next smallest debt so on and so on until you have no debt. There I just summed the program up in one sentence. Wow what an original idea.

  • Di
      21st of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    We paid them over $6, 000 dollars non refundable to write out a budget. Yes they do pay you bills for $30 a month, but you can get bill pay free through your bank. It was not worth the money! You can't quit the service for one year unless you buy them out by paying the remaining $30 a month left in you contract. The only thing they do is tell you in which order to pay off out bills the most effectively. It is so NOT worth it!!! Now we are $6, 000 plus $30 a month more than we were.

  • An
      24th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    For starters, No More Mortgage offers a CD completely for free but all it basically does is give you insight about their company. If you order a whole TRIAL PERIOD PACKAGE then it's like $10 for shipping and handling. BUT, they tell you when you order it that if you're unsatisfied they'll refund the shipping AND pay to ship it back!! Now Tim and Danny say that if you have even the most basic knowledge of math/finances then you can do the system yourself. Now if it's that apparent to you that the system wouldn't work, how come you didn't call to return it within the 30 day trial period?? Did it take you more than a few minutes to realize that or did your epiphany come on the 35th day?? Am I missing something here?

    Oh, and considering that they are a top company in debt elimination and have a good standing with the BBB, I'm pretty sure that their customers aren't getting "ripped off". If you can't follow the simple procedures that were repeated to you several times before hanging up the phone, then that's your problem. So grow some balls and man up to the fact that it was YOUR mistake (by not returning the package on time/taking advantage of all of their offers during the trial period), not theirs.

    And besides, if you are in debt then you're obviously not applying those "basic principles" towards your finances, otherwise you wouldn't be in debt!

    My husband and I are in the 4th year of our 8.4 years to eliminate our debt. So while you two can't apply common sense into business strategy and try to find excuses on how other people are making you go in debt, we'll be over here enjoying the scrutiny and envy of people who are in the situation that we used to be in.


  • Sw
      21st of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    The company has swindled me out of more than $6, 300 and when I had a financial crisis where my pay was cut in half and my credit cards were maxed out from the initial payment they are unwilling to negotiate and can't "justify" me leaving the program.

  • Gl
      28th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    R I P O F F !!!

  • Ca
      4th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    No More Mortgage has several different programs to help people. If you have any trouble creating your own budget or being disciplined about rolling down debt, then No More Mortgage could be of great benefit to you. They also offer personal coaching (beyond the tool kit mentioned in other posts) to teach you financial principals that nobody learns in school. Some of their programs also offer "what if" scenarios to help you see how a purchase or decreased payments might impact your debt pay-down. You still need to be on top of things, since it's your debt, but the automation of the drafts is perfect for people who easily get behind, spend their discretionary money too soon, or who sometimes forget a bill and end up paying late fees.

  • La
      25th of Mar, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Message from the President
    We have been serving clients’ needs with the most effective debt-elimination program in the country since 1996. Nearly all of our clients are thrilled with their experience with us and nothing is more personally satisfying to me than to see the dramatic improvements that we make in their lives.
    Because of our company’s mission, our policies, and the well-trained and caring staff we employ, I never dreamed we would have complaints. But now, as we have grown, I have to admit that we have had a few complaints along the way. We have always made it a priority to quickly address and resolve any client concern that comes up, as you can see on the Better Business Bureau website where we are proud to be an accredited member (
    Our policy is simple: We do the right thing for our clients. When checking us out (which we hope you will do) please consider the following:
    1) We have ended our relationships with outside call centers that “oversold” our self-help program, as this was our main source of complaints. But even counting these complaints, our complaint ratio has been less than 1 in 3, 000. While our goal is to get complaints to zero, we already have one of the highest client satisfaction rates in the country for just about any product or service.

    2) In the rare case where we have fallen short, we do whatever it takes to satisfy our client. If that requires a refund, we issue a refund. We continue to make improvements with the goal of eliminating any possibility of future complaints. We are only in this business to benefit clients to their total satisfaction.

    3) When we began, most clients were family, neighbors, and friends. Now that we have clients nationwide, the biggest vote of confidence we receive is that so many of our new clients come as the result of a recommendation from a current client (usually a family member or close friend). We take great pride in these recommendations as the ultimate endorsement of the effectiveness of our program.

    4) Complaints on the Internet are mostly anonymous and usually impossible to track down. We do know that at least one posting, pretending to be a client, was created by a company that provides expensive financial coaching, and is upset about losing business to us. Some negative comments are from detractors who believe that everyone should manage their finances on their own, and that paying anything for help is foolish. I respectfully disagree. If everyone could eliminate all their debt on their own, why is it that such a high percentage of consumers are so stressed out over their debt load? While we applaud and encourage those who are doing well on their own, we take great satisfaction every day from clients who tell us they would have never accomplished so much so quickly without our help.
    If you want to know how our clients feel about our program, you can listen to them on our website. These are real clients sharing their actual experiences.
    We make it easy to learn first-hand what we have to offer. The Free CD is full of great information (and you won’t even pay a shipping or handling charge.) The follow-up customized debt-elimination analysis we provide is free as well. It is the easiest way to see exactly how fast we could eliminate all of your debt (including your mortgage) and get answers to your questions.
    You have my personal assurance that you will benefit from speaking with us. If our program is not a good match for your situation, we will give you the name and phone number of someone who can help you. I invite you to look into this with an open mind. Get the facts, see if the numbers make sense to you, and make your own decisions. You have nothing to lose but your debts.
    Larry Ruff, President

  • De
      28th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I've heard good things. I suggest calling them and finding out for yourself rather than take anybody's complaints or comments.

  • Aa
      31st of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    Dennis Ledesma works for these losers and has spent many years unemployed leaching off of society or trying to sue past employers until he hooked up with this company. Google his name and see his affiliation on Linked In. Run away as fast as you can.

  • Ja
      28th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I know someone who is going through this program right now and they seem happy with the results. If I had a mortgage right now I would do it.

  • Th
      19th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    "I would do it!" yes Jay, of course you would because you are a paid goon pretending to give an unbiased review just like Dennis L. The problem is all the fake testimonials in the world will not change the fact that this company is either bankrupt or on the verge, even to the point ofLarry borrowing from his employees!! Yes, the very man who is selling the "secrets" to a debt free life is going in debt, and going broke hoping for a few more sorry suckers to keep this going. Google Larry Ruff yourself, he comes from a long line of Ruff snake-oil salesman, and himself is a con-man extraordinaire.

  • Ju
      21st of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    No More Mortgage talks about their high rating with the Better Business Bureau, but if you take a look at the data on the BBB website you'll see they've had 56 complaints, with 24 in the past year - and three were unresolved. As a business manager, in my opintion an average of two complaints per month to the BBB is totally unacceptable, regarless of whether the company has settled the complaints to keep their rating up. As you know, for every dissatitsfied customer who goes to the trouble of complaining to the BBB, their are probably many others who do not. I've contacted the BBB to suggest they reserve their highest ratings for companies that get very few complaints to begin with. I haven't done business with No More Mortgage, but their record of complaints with the BBB is not one they should be proud of, regardless of the rating.

  • Ra
      23rd of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    The "No more mortgage" mean no more of your hard earning money. Useless program

  • Yo
      15th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    These people seem like they are about as moral as a guy hawking bottles of water for $20/bottle at a rave. Yes, there are people deriving a benefit from their service. But, yes, those people are ###s for having taken so much ecstac...I mean debt... They are sorta in that dirty category like strip-club and pawn-shop owners...

  • St
      9th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    This company does not come anywhere near earning the $7k that I paid them. I want a full refund and I will not stop posting complaints until I get one. The tools that they offer are almost worthless and there was no encouragement or follow up to help.

    Remember people, you can do this yourselves. These guys prey on the uninformed. Powering down balances is easy. My recommendation? Read Dave Ramsey's books.

  • Mr
      29th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    I originally thought about this program to help me and my wife "get out of debt" sooner. I do as some have said have basic Math skills and also budget all my expenses and entertainment. I was hoping that it was about something I hadn't heard of or a progam being offered due to the recent financial crisis. It's not... they want me to pay them for what I already doing which became obvious after a little research on-line. I'm not saying they are a bad company, but I do believe their advertisements are mis-leading. So, as a service to all who are looking at this I'm going to help you by informing some about their consumer rights and some by helping them "eliminate their debt". In summary they aren't a "Rip-Off", but you can do it for free yourself.

    First you consumer rights:
    1. If you have a complaint don't file it here file it with the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

    2. You have just as much right to record them as they do to record you but, inform them you are recording the conversation during your order of ANY PRODUCT from ANY COMPANY. (If they say no, hang up and don't do business with that company.)

    3. 30 Days depends on where you live and varies by state law. 30 days can be from time of purchase or when you recieve the product until you send it back or they recieve the product back(send it registered mail with return reciept requested.) Ask about when the "30 days" starts and when it ends and be specific. Ask also to detail their return policy. Again remember to record this and do this with any company.

    Next on to "Eliminating Your Debt":

    First read these and ask yourself the right questions.
    1. You created the debt (except in cases of fraud), so it is your responsibility to pay for it. How much it ends up costing you and how long it takes you to pay your debtors in the long run is the only part you have some control over. (Notice I said SOME).

    2. Make a Decision: Do I wanted paid off quickest or the cheapest way possible? (Sometimes both are the same, but not always.)

    The simple form of this rule is to either maximize payments to either the highest interest or smallest debt first. Pay the highest intrest first for the most savings, smallest debt first to feel the fastest bill relief. This should be common sense, but to many it's not.

    3.How much integrity do I have? Do I care about lying to my debtors? More than likely somewhere along the way they stretched the truth at least a bit or didn't tell you the whole picture.

    4.How much do I care about my credit? There are way to pay off your debts even faster if you don't care about your credit in the short term. It won't hurt your credit in the long term. There are also things you can do that while they will adversely affect your credit will get rid of the debt faster.

    Don't pay someone to "Negotiate" you debt. You can do this yourself. If you can barely afford the minimum payments and intrest charges. YOU HAVE OVER EXTENDED YOURSELF! However, no matter your current situation call your debtors and follow this:(Don't forget to record it.)

    First, credit cards. Tell them your having trouble making your minmum payments and want to set up a payment plan. They will usually work with you. If you want a better chance and success and don't mind lying. Then call them and say "I need to cancel my account". This will send up a red flag that you are about to default (not pay) your debt. They will likely transfer you. After this or even if they don't transfer you, tell them you recently lost your job and can't afford your payments(even if you still have your job as they have no way to check). Then ask if they can reduce your intrest rate and set up a payment plan. (Reduced intrest and payment plans reduce your credit rating until you pay them off, but then your report won't show late payment and will say "Paid as Agreed".) If you don't care about your credit rating miss 1 month of payments on each card, then negotiate.(This will hurt your credit for up to seven years, but it will recover most of the damage sooner than that and they are much more likely to consider you a high risk of default and more likely to negotiate.)

    After you have done this with each credit card(and likely lowered your bills). You have 2 choices. If your credit is good and you have equity in your home you can get a Debt Consolidation Home Equity Loan(Don't refinance your mortgage, this should be a separate loan unless you have a high intrest mortgage which is unlikely these days and a re-finance will cost more in fees than the intrest savings) and consolidate any debt that is HIGHER INTREST into that loan. All payments from the orginal debts should be added together and used to pay that loan. This will actually improve your credit and not hurt it. If you can't do this take any extra monthly savings you negotiated earlier and add it to the payments of your highest intrest debt first. Each time a debt is paid for repeat this with the additional payment you are saving. Overall doing this your bills go down over time, but your payments stay the same. This will have the effect of speeding up how quickly you get out of debt over time.

    P.S. Quicken (By Microsoft) does have tools for this as well, but you should still call and negotiate with your creditors(especially any unsecured debt like credit cards.) and talk to a loan specialist about consolidation afterward (I say after because many times you get get a better rate through negotiation rather than consolidation). Then you can use the software to take over helping you budget from there.

    About me:
    I started doing this on my own a 2 years ago while unemployed and managed to be able to make my bills on-time when I became re-employed, I decided not to run my bills back up. I have since eliminated all but my mortgage since then (And with the extra monthly principal I'm now paying my 24 Years left will only be 4 years.)

  • Wm
      23rd of Aug, 2016
    0 Votes
    No More Mortgage - Overcharges
    No More Mortgage
    United States

    I heard their commercials on the radio and read their company profile. They sounded like a very helpful compassionate company. I signed on but my credit cards were maxed out so they offered financing at 15% interest. My health started to deteriorate and my expenses for medical and lost time from work made the program difficult to stay with. I dropped out because I could no longer afford it and at my age cannot continue to work as hard to fund the program. I have already lost my home. I'm overwhelmed with medical bills. Now I have their collection agency calling everyday wanting several thousand dollars for 4 months of automated billing to my creditors. They are far from the compassionate and caring people that I read in their company profile.

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