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It’s time we as Americans bind together and start trying to help our neighbor.

I thought I needed to take a min and make a post on this website. I have been involved with No More Mortgage ( for many years now and they have helped me and my family significantly. Do I know what they do? Yes. Could I do what they do for myself? NO WAY…

Now I have read several of the posts on this board, and I would hope that individuals looking to get out of debt and are looking at using NMM would take the time to do more research on their company then browse one or two places on the internet.

Please consider my input as someone that has been dealing with this company for years, and take some of these negative posts that are from people in highly emotional states with a grain of salt.
Take a min and ask yourself these questions;

Is a company that has been in business for almost 13 years going to do some of the stuff you read on this site? Are they really going to jeopardize the company and risk being shut down? 13 years is a stable company.
After helping thousands of people are you are going to get a few disgruntled customers? YES

I have personally researched Larry Ruff and NMM and believe him to be a man of integrity as he finds time to donate to different charitable organizations while running a company that is helping thousands get out of debt. He is truly a man that helps his neighbor.

Helping a Neighbor


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