No Merchandise Received Jcp Will Not Reimburse My Money / order #[protected]

I ordered baby items costing $28.11 which was charged to my credit card July 4, 2018. I checked with local JCP store and they say they have never received the order so they cannot refund me my money. I called the corporate number and the catalog number and they both tell me they can't help me since the items were to be delivered to the store locally. They say if I had them delivered to my home they could help me. So corporate, catalog and the local store say they cannot refund my money. I never got any merchandise because the status for the last 22 days is shipping. How can a company not refund your money when the local jcp store never received the items and i have no items to return because I never could pick them up because they never made it to the store. I would appreciate it if someone from JCP could see to refunding my $28.11 because I am now out $28.11 and received nothing - no one seems to be able to, locate any shipped merchandise and no one will refund my money. This is ridiculous. I will NEVER order online from )CP again.Please resolve this my email : [protected]

Jul 26, 2018

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