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No Limits Farm / Horse Trade Ripoff

1 420 SE Highway 42Summerfield, FL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 352-572-5088

Our family has three horses and one horse, Cane, was showing signs of spooking easily. Since our kids are going to be riding these horses my husband thought it would be better if we traded him for a broke horse that anyone could ride. Word got around and the owner of No Limits Farm, where Cane's father lived, gave us a call and said she has a horse that is "so broke" even a small child can ride her. She sent us pictures and we really liked the way she looked. So we decided to make an even trade, Cane for Gracie even though we had paid $1500 for Cane. We just wanted a horse we could all learn to ride on that was well behaved. Ashley the owner of No limits farm brought Gracie to our house and picked up Cane. Ashley and my husband Peter agreed on a 30 day trial period. If for some reason that either of us are not satisfied we will switch back the horses. Well needless to say that after about a week at our house Gracie started limping. After about $600 in vet charges she was diagnosed with Navicular Syndrome. It was told to us that she would be a maintenance horse. We called Ashley and left her a message on what was going on and that we would like Cane back because now we would not be able to ride this horse as agreed. Plus we looked at it this way that we traded her a healthy horse for a hurt horse. How fair is that. Of course she did not return our calls nor did she ever pick up the phone everytime we called. We think that she doped the horses foot when she brought her over so she wouldn't limp when she got to our house or else we would never have made the trade. Since Ashley at No Limits Farm was not answering our calls or calling us back Peter loaded Gracie up and made the trip to the farm to trade the horses back. When he got there he asked her that she could make this right by just giving us Cane back. She flat out said no and even denied the 30 day trail period. My husband was shocked that someone just came to our house and scammed us like this and she had no conscious on what it was doing to our kids. We have also learned that she sold a horse with bad feet to a lady in Georgia and she has been trying to get a hold of Ashely and No Limits farm but of course she does not answer and she does not call back. There have also been problems with the farm that she dealt with in the breeding of Cane. I would hope that anyone that is thinking about dealing with No Limits Farm better think again.

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      1st of Aug, 2008
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    I am the above person stated in this complaint. I am here to defend myself and let the world know the whole story. I was contacted by Peter Kappperakus, Peter was referred to me by a happy customer, after he tried to give the horse back to the mother of the yearling ( cane) and they would not take him. I talked with Peter extensivly about how to help get this yearling handled ( they could not get his feet done without drugs) he sat out in a field with 2 other yearlings. I had told Peter that I could help him in only 2 ways to get the horse broke and sold, or since he had expressed his intrest in getting a broke horse, I had a mare that we had used a tease mare for the stallion (cane's father). I had purchased the mare for a tease mare, but my friend was in the process of a divorce and this was her 6 yr old daughter's horse. They had her for approx.3 yrs and I had her for 8 months. Over the 8 months the mare had not been off. Since Peter could not get Cane in a trailer, I thought it would be easier to drop Gracie off and use my big trailer to get cane in (more inviting). We got Gracie unloaded and I got on her bareback and with a halter and lead (she had been ridden by a 6 yr old, so I knew she was safe) and rode her around the yard. I offered to Peter to ride her and he siad no. He liked her. We turned her out and sedated cane and loaded him. I asked Peter how he liked Gracie and if we were good on the trade. He said yes and we went in his house and transfered signed papers. According to AQHA/APHA and as far as the law goes, the DEAL IS DONE. I had no knowledge that this mare had a problem. They called me a month after we had traded. It is true I didn't call them back. There was no reason to, they had left a large # of abrasive messages and there was no reason to deal with threatning people. The DEAL WAS DONE WITH THE TRANSFERE OF SICNED PAPERS, IT IS THE FL. LAW. Since then, they have come overwith the mare asking for the cane ( now broke and have $5k in training in) back, this is after anything could have happened to that mare while out of my custody. Not to mention that Peter has left a number of threatning messages on my phone( I have them recorded. I'm sorry they had no knowledge of the law, I'm sorry they didn't have any experience with training horses, but knowing this side of the story it is hard to feel sorry for someone like that. When you buy a used carcan you return it after a month with no warrenty???? All horses (and almost anything else is AS-IS/WHERE -IS. Thank you for your time.

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