No Credit Check, LLC of Saucier, Mississippi2009 toyota camry

Bought this car and was told that it ran good, it only had a battery problem so they put a new battery in, etc.
The little rip off guy, Robert took $6000.00 in cash only and we were told that the rip off company would take care of all paperwork.
The $6000.00 never made it to the so called bookkeeper I am sure and the paperwork was NOT included.
On the window of the car, (which was bought from a dealer in Moss Point, Ms.)
is still visible is 97K (mileage) and "bad motor" We took pictures and our mechanic took pictures also.
We asked a lot of questions and of course were lied to, this car has been wrecked but we were told differently.
Car has been wrecked and may not have been reported, the writing is still visible on the window and it has cost a lot of money to fix.
We have been told that since this car has been wrecked that it is unsafe to drive.

Nov 26, 2018

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