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NMIG / monies owed

1 Roseville, MI, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 586-443-6924

monies were being held to apply towards deal which did not happen total 2300.00 chuck gebell and vince davinci would give runaround advertise items on line that were not there cannot contact them at this time found out there are more complaints against them my name is mike barone cell is [protected] I live on long island new york

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  • Ke
      28th of May, 2009
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    I unfortunately signed a contract with "chucky boy" in march 2007 to find us a "buying partner" for our motor home. if I didn't call john beauregard of "great jokes" every month, my wife and I would not have received our payments (they were late every month). i'm sorry to say that my mother-in-law agreed to a similar deal with her motor home and her payments were also late. so, I have 2 isolated incidences to reference and something happened with great jokes and international back in september... august was the last payment we both received. since then, I flew to north carolina (i'm located in michigan) to get my motor home out of the crusty repo lot and found out that great jokes didn't pay them either. I had to pay the repo guy to get possession of my motor home...$750 plus $20 per day for storage...$1, 250 total. thanks chucky-boy. my buying partner distroyed my motor home and according to the contract, chucky boy (international marine) is responsible to clean it up…yeh…right!

    if you get nothing else out of this, know this... international marine & auto and great jokes are no longer located at the offices located at 30901 utica road, roseville, mi 48066 and their phone numbers have now been disconnected. chucky boy and his posse of thieves skated... didn't give their landlord any notice, owing them months of rent too (big surprise). so, where is he now... if you know, i'd be very interested to find out. I think we should all start our own website and *uck chucky boy just like he did all of us!!!

    Call chuck gebell at 877-604-6644. might I suggest that we all contact him, try to get into one of their "units" listed on the website. contact the people that own these listed items and inform them that they're about to enter into a huge scam! sounds good to me! if chucky-boy can use his many names, why can't we, in order to protect chuck's many, many, many, many victims.

    Chuck gebell
    P. o. box 806148
    St. clair shores, mi 48080
    Fax: 586-791-2674


  • Re
      2nd of Jun, 2009
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    nmig - Monies owed, false advertisement
    NMIG, Inc.
    Kansas City
    United States

    We first contacted NMIG through their website in Febuary 2009. We found a few boats we were interested in, but they were not available. But Tom Grayson told us about another they had "just gotten in". After 2 weeks of waiting on pictures, we felt it was just what we were looking for. But, they did not actually HAVE the boat and could not contact owner for another approx. 2 weeks. When they finally did, the owner (I guess) wanted his attorney and accountant to look over contracts. After approx. a month of trying to get ahold of Tom and/or Chuck, they told me they had not heard from owner, BUT they had another boat they wanted us to look at. We weren't happy, but we decided to give this one a try, since it was already approx. end of March. They were quick to send Brokers agreement and want money, ( Not the amount we had been told numerous times, of course ), but we sent them $3, 100. anyway. Then there were problems with getting the boat delivered. Now, it seemed, they could not get ahold of this boats owner, BUT they had dealt with this gentleman before and he was a good, honest man. (HA). Finally, sometime in the beginning of April, the boat was delivered ( We still had to call and argue, and listen to excuses, even before the boat arrived.) (Couple days after delivery, the delivery company calls us to get phone number and/or address for NMIG (they weren't answering the numbers he had) they had bounced $1, 200 worth of check to them. I don't know what ever came of that.) When weather finally permitted, myself, husband, (3) sons, brother & sister-in-law and (2) nieces took it to the lake. By the way, we were told this 2002 boat had a brand new motor and we still had to break it in. We unloaded, and it wouldn't start. We purchased a new battery and it started, we idled through the no wake zone, got past the buoys, went about 1/3 throttle, and it fell on its face !!! We had to wait on the lake for about 2 hours for someone to come pull us back to the marina. We immediatley loaded up, went home, and Monday morning, I was calling Tom. I was ASSURED NMIG would get this taken care of and find us another boat. Now it is June, 2009, I still have a broken boat sitting in my driveway, NMIG has taken $4, 000 from me, changed phone numbers, and want us to get boat fixed. Our credit is bad from past problems, but we are doing much better now, wanted a boat, can afford payments, but cannot get financing, this sounded like a great way to get a boat. Also, the boat we have sitting in our driveway is still on their website as being available for sale. There is a whole lot more to this story than I can fit. So, I don't know what it's going to take to get this situation taken care of, but I hope I have saved someone else money, time and hassle.


  • Re
      2nd of Jun, 2009
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    As of 6-2-09, we have phone numbers of 586-790-5351, 586-790-5327. We are on the other end, trying to purchase, and we got a blown motor, that they want us to haul to find out whats wrong, and then, I'm sure, pay to get fixed and get reimbursed, Ha Ha

    I wish I'd have done my research on this compnay first.

    Thanks and keep it coming !!

    P.S. Our "salesman" is Tom Grayson.

    I believe Chuck also is somehow connected with "Cabanna Tan", "Sabella Enterprises" and "IMIG Holdings". Good luck finding any info on these "companies" also.

  • No
      20th of Jun, 2009
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    We too recently purchased a boat that was to be in good condition. We spent $110, 000.00 though!! It has been nothing but a headached so far. The boat has needed approx. $4, 200.00 in repairs. Thru Chuck and Tom, we were sent an agreement to sign and fax back that agreed the original owner would pay the June and July boat payments to reimburse us for part of the repair charges. Today I check my account and it is overdrawn!! They took the boat payment out of our account anyways, which was not to be EVER deducted from our checking account. We had originally wired the down payment to these people and they have now debited our account 2 times without our permission. My bank tells me that since we did business with them in the past and gave them our information, that we have to treat this as a merchant dispute. Not fraud. So we will now argue this one out I guess and see what happens. As for the numbers, we couldn't reach them either, they said they moved their offices and changed numbers and for approx 2 weeks we could not reach anyone. Fortunately we did finally get a return call from the emails we were sending with new numbers to reach them. NMIG seems to be who they operate under to sell the boats, cars, e tc. E.M.I. is the company that is debiting our account without authorization. WE WILL BE CLOSING OUR ACCOUNTS AND MOVING TO A NEW BANK TODAY to keep them from having access to our checking account!

  • Lc
      8th of Jul, 2009
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    This really get me upset 3 years later this Chuck is still getting away with his crooked ways!!! I worked with the BBB, fraud and he is still taking advantage of people to this day !!!

    I started working with International Marine & Auto Investments Inc (now NMIG) back in August 2005. I could no longer afford my 2005 Chrysler Pacifica car payment, so I decide to go with this company. I was told they could help me with a Partnership Lease Agreement, and have someone take over my monthly car payments. Chuck Gebell the owner at International Marine & Auto Investments Inc (now NMIG) told us this was legal and he has been doing this for over 20 years. We asked him repeatedly if this was something we could do and we asked him if it was against the law and Chuck said no. I took him at his word and proceeded with the agreement. Chuck told me he found someone to take over the car payments..

    We met with the person taking over the car and payments on August 13, 2005 at the North train station in Boston, Massachusetts; they took a train from Warrenton, Virginia to pick up the car. My Mother and Father In-law were also preset. We both signed two copies of the Partnership Lease Agreement and we each got a copy then she drove back to Warrenton, Virginia. The agreements are fake !!!

    First car payment was due August 8, 2005 to Great Oaks Asset Management Inc who then in turn pays Chrysler Financial. Great Oaks keeps $50.00 for there fee each month. Great Oaks Asset Management Inc NEVER paid any of the car payments on time. The payments to Chrysler Financial were almost 30 days late EVERY month. We had to make a payment one month so it would not affect my credit. I have called Chuck at International Marine every other week to find out why the car payments were not being made. When we did call Chuck was rude, he called me and my wife names and hung up on uas all the time. Chuck would say to me and my wife to call John at Great Oaks and have him handle it, when my wife or I did call John at Great Oaks John would always say the check was in the mail. John on several occasions told my wife to stop calling him and told her she should shut, up not to bother him because he has other clients to deal with, he also told my wife we are lucky that someone is making our car payments and that we should have never bought the car if we could not afford it. John and Chuck have repeatedly lied and verbally abused us since day one. We were very patient, we thought things would get better and I did not want the car to be repossessed from Chrysler for non payment.

    My wife called Chuck at International Marine and told Chuck we wanted the car back and he told her he will get the car back maybe in one week, three weeks, two months or three month, my wife told him she wanted it back ASAP and he said to her stop chirping, started with his name calling again and said he will get it back when he wants. He then in turn told my wife that we have to make the car payments even thought the car will not be returned to us god knows when.

    According to the Partnership Lease agreement the driver has to have car Insurance they never had it on the car. We did make Chuck aware of this but he could care less. Chuck wrote the Partnership Lease Agreement and he NEVER abided by it at all, he had excuses every time the contract was breeched, or he resorted to name calling, yelling, or verbal abuse.

    The Partnership Lease Agreement has been breached over and over again by International Marine & Auto Investments, Inc, And Great Oaks Asset Management, Inc. We always gave them the benefit of the doubt and thought things would get better and they never did it got much worse. We have been scammed, lied to and deceived into believing that this Partnership Agreement was legit. I am an honest hard working family man who was having financial hardship and needed help so we decided to go with International Marine. I just wanted my car back. Teh were never honest with me or my wife. Worst company ever!!!

    I hope this company can be stopped and can never do this to another innocent couple. They need to be held accountable for there actions.

    We did get our car back with a spare tire on it that was bald, burns in the seats, coffee stains every where, no oil changes, dents every where and 20, 000 miles put on it in one year. Over 1500.00 in damages. This company keeps changing there name it is now NMIG Stay clear of this company very EVIL !!!

  • Jl
      19th of Aug, 2009
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    nmig - Fraud
    Saint Clair Shores
    United States

    Chuck Gebell and his comapony are the most rediculous business alive. I beleive they are floating money and do not have enough to pay the loans they have legal binding contracts with. He doesn't know it, but there are investigators looking into his activities, and he doesn't get himself in line, he going to go behind bars, and be paying legal fees for a long long time.

    They (NMIG) tell you they're making the payments on your loan, but never do until you have late notices from your bank, and call several times leaving nasty messages. I had to threaten them several time. How stupid right? Why should it ever come to that? This happended ever month for four months until mh buyer (thank god he's an honest person) started making the payments directly to my bank, bypassing Chuck and his childish company.

    My advice to anyone is to seek out a buyer on your own. Even if you have to have a contract with them to make the payments. Do what NMIG does, and have them put a 2 to 3 thousand dollar deposit fee againt the loan. I would give someone the same contract as NMIG, and you can modify it to be your own.

    I like many other people that have the same problems, have resorted to making the payments working directly with the buyer. How conveinant that NMIG doesn't have to deal with making the payments anymore.
    Anyone is welcome to contact me at 787-934-8016. I will be sure to give you other manes of people who have had the same problem, and tell you why it's a scam.

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      19th of Aug, 2009
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      19th of Aug, 2009
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