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We signed up with this company to rent a POS system for our business. Refused to provide us a copy of the contract agreement, so we took pictures instead. The contract agreement is worded in a way that makes it difficult to find them liable, their company is also structured so that you have to deal with multiple companies separately to try to resolve anything. We never received the POS system from them, but they claim that because they don't directly send the machines, they cannot confirm this and we have to continue paying them for a product we are not using. This all coincides with the contract. We then asked for them to send us a new one if we cannot cancel the contract and they stated that they could not because the deadline for requesting a new system had passed? There have been other issues as well, but these are the main ones. They are threatening to ruin our credit if we do not immediately pay thousand of dollars for a product/service we will never receive. Please email csskbq(at)gmail(dot)com if you have any information regarding any future class action in Canada.

Feb 19, 2015
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      Mar 05, 2015

    Do not be scared by these thieves... they sell your acct that hasn't been paid to a third party, , , , meaning a collection agency... that is fraud, you don't have a contract with a collection agency! this is called 3rd party interloping and is illegal... fear mongering ... I have been receiving threats for 4 years that they are taking me to court... after 6 years this debt will disappear... I also thought when i was going for a mortgage that it would show up as a bad credit rating from them... THERE WAS NOTHING ON MY RECORDS AT ALL!!! they are liars and thieves, , , don't admit ever to being who you are by phone, , , don't answer their letters... ignore them, , , , , they tell me I owe them over $4100 now ... ### ... I had the machine for 1 month and sent it back, , , , they told me on the contract there was ABSOLUTELY NO CANCELLATIONS... that in itself is illegal and ridiculous!!! they lied to me, , , i sent their crap back to them, , , end of story in my eyes, , , , , i say take me to court! i"m still waiting ...

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