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Nixism / Unreasonable Customer Service

1 United States Review updated:

I had some issues with about a "500 error". The 500 error was fixed after a few hours of non attention. After the error was fixed some of my sites came back in "set up mode", losing much of the formatting. I brought this to the companies attention. After some accusatory statements this one of the responses:

Nothing is wrong with our services.

You do not know what your talking about, NO ONE else is having these problems and every single person on our server has a .htaccess file. After viewing wordpress and most cms's all the user to edit their .htaccess file from the control panel which you had people accessing. Until you speak to your clients and find out what truly happened, instead of getting on our back.

We have done everything possible to fix this issue, and we have. You just don't want to help your self, you don't appreciated service at all. Instead of being cooperative, you think that being a complete rebel, is the way to go, then so be it.

You don't have to be satisfied with the response, that is what happened simply put. Your problem has been resolved, so why continue the ticket screaming for?

Nixism 3rd Level Support

After further back and forth Gainor decided to terminate my account, rather than honestly deal with the issue. This was not the first incident and each time I made a service request, the tone from Nixism was one of accusation rather than cooperatively trying to resole the issue. Furthermore, he terminated the account without refunding fees.

Avoid Nixism at all costs!

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  • Il
      27th of Sep, 2007
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    I host with nixism, and what can I say.. They are AMAZING.

    There has been no downtime, fast set-up, no set-up fees.. I honestly think I would never find a host like this..

    I contacted them about you, and they haven't terminated your account so you try to stop ruining their reputation and focus on your immaturity.

  • An
      27th of Jan, 2008
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    No downtime? :D

    Now it's sunday. "Wow! I can work on my site and to another one for a client. I've just bought a new hosting plan from Nixism.. let's see how it's work!"
    Was the 14:45 PM.
    Now are the 19:06. I can't upload anything, I can't work, I can't get any $ from my AdSense.
    Why? I don't know.
    I can't take a look on their forums, I can't submit a ticket, I can't contact 'em by any istant message system.
    Because Nixism's site is also unavailable.

    I hope that there's a money-back guarantee ...

  • An
      11th of May, 2008
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    This hosting company is absolutely horrible. Their servers have been jumping up and DOWN for the last month. They're completely understaffed, have almost no customer service, if they're not yelling at your about their own problem. Their plans, while cheap, are completely unrealistic. How can you offer plans @ $1 when you're already overloaded. I believe Gainor is just a smart kid that knew that if he made a site look nice, he could get a lot of people jump on his service only to overload it and let people run away to other services after a year or so. He takes money and runs. I personally dont host there, but almost every website I've seen on their service has had problems.

    Their testimonials are almost non existant, if they're not faked. They may not be, but half of them are either hosted somewhere else now or they're gone completely. You don't get such a good reputation when your website is down half the time, 99.5% uptime? No way. Your host may guarantee that when you buy the DS3+, but if you overload it, it's not going to run that way. You have to manage your space and clients buddy. You've got to charge enough so that when you get to 90% of your projected max bandwith on that line, you have enough capital to buy another. If you do that right, you'll never have downtime, other than for service times, and you'll rarely run into problems. That's why sites like do so well. They manage their bandwith and webspace so that customers have limits and can reasonably expect the service level. You can't offer unlimited bandwith, because you don't have unlimited bandwith. Even if your isp says you do, you don't. At some point they'll cut you off.

    My advice, if the owner ever reads this: Start over.
    Charge $10/month, $100/year for 2-5GB webspace, 200GB transfer. That's reasonable and you'll be able to pay the bills. It might be harder to place limits on accounts, but it's worth staying in business.



  • Gr
      27th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    I disagree... Nixism doesn't have poor customer support because they don't have any at all!!!

    I purchased a shared hosting service 2 days ago and nothing is happening to my site. I didn't receive anything about details of my account like cpanel and ftp access. I have changed my nameservers to nixism nameservers and still nothing happens. My hosting service is still on PENDING status according to my client panel. I sent 3 complain tickets and nothing has been answered or worse, nothing has been opened. I was wondering if this company still exist or just phishing for subscribers for services that doesn't exist anymore.

    I now wrote them to refund my payment or I will dispute it myself with Paypal.

    Please be warned about this hosting service. Don't be fooled by cheap hosting. It would be better to pay more with reputable hosting companies than lose a lot with scams like this.

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