We all know about the T.erms of Service from this company. They offer free gifts in exchange for signing up for some offers.

LOOK OUT for the small print: You have to sign up for each offer for a 3-month period. If you're smart and do the math you'll realize is not worth the trouble or the wait, since you have to wait at least 4 to five months to get your gift, and you only get the gift if you fit within their T.erms and Conditions which state you must pay all this offers for 3 months.

Math-wise, for a $500 Gift Card, you have to complete 8 offers, if you keep them for 3 months you will end up spending approx $300+. After 90 days you have to fax or mail proof to Niu-Tech (Net Radiance) and they will confirm if you really committed to the 3-month period. This process will take another month, and only after that you’ll be eligible for your gift.

After all that trouble, at the end of each year you'll have to pay your taxes for the gift they gave you, Tax is approx 25% of the value. For a $500 GC your tax will be $125. Add this, plus what you pay for offers and the time you invest faxing and mailing proof... you'll end up spending more than $500.

You will also deal with shady companies that sometimes overcharge your credit card.

Also you can't trust their Customer Service, they have proved to miss-inform when you call to ask questions, they will deceive you to make you sign up in their websites and then will change the story on you.


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