Nissan / questionable practice -

I went to Nissan Auto Repair on Marsh Road in East Rochester NY. I called in advance and showed up to drop my vehicle off for repair that morning. I advised the Service Manager that the check engine light was on and the car needed to be inspected and would not pass until that was cleared. Some how that translated to let's inspect the car that we already know will fail and remove her inspection sticker then after we do a diagnostic that is inconclusive charge her for all and she can pick it up and figure it out. Ultimately they did not charge me for the diagnostic they charged me for the inspection they should not have completed after I expressed my anger.

When I went to pick it up the culprit that caused the issue was no where to be found. There was no apology from this crew - Only a snarky 'have a nice day' as I stormed out. I completed a survey expressing my concerns and called and left a message for the manager and there was never a call back. Curious if a male would have experienced the same level of service. Would a male's service request been dismissed as easily ? I sincerely doubt it

Nov 14, 2017

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