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I am an owner of Nissan Navara in Turkey since 2009. I was yet another quite happy owner of Nissan until last week. I am writing you out because I don't have another way to be heard and I tried every possible way related to Nissan Turkey until now.

I bought my truck in 2009 from an authorized seller of Nissan and I brought my car always to authorized services to make its services. I never went to a mechanic or anybody else than Nissan authorized service company.

Until now I was quiet happy with my car and I love my car but last sunday, suddenly my car didn't start its engine. I didn't understand what happened because the night before I just used it without any problem. After some try-out, I could start the engine but It was running very loudly and making very much noise. Anyway, because I am so far away from any authorized Nissan service station in Istanbul, I brouhght my Car first time to a secondary Nissan service to understand what happened to my car. Because It was Sunday, no authorized service station was open. Car mechanic checked my car and told me that my car's timing chain has to be replaced. He asked me about where I am bringing my car in Istanbul and what is manufacturing date of my car. I told him that, I am bringing it to Gülan otomotiv( and my Car's manufacturing date is 2009. He told me that for my truck, Nissan has changed its timing chain set according to its warranty because It is defected and all Nissan Navara's timing chains are replaced by Nissan Turkey in 2011 according to its warranty and It seems that nobody changed my timing chain set in Turkey. He told me to talk with my authorized service station about why they didn't change my timing chain with its warranty.

I called my service station ( and asked why they didn't change my timing chain with my warranty. I told I never brought my car to another service, always brought it to an authorized service station. They told me that I first brought my Car to Gulan at 2011 and that campaign of changing timing chain with its warranty is before that time. So service station before I brought at 2011 should have notified me about that campaign. I asked who were the service I brought, they told me they can not see who I brought on their system so I have to call general headquarters in Turkey for Nissan.

So I called Nissan headquarters in Turkey, They created a ticket for me, they make me wait for 3 days for a response from warranty department and they answered me today that there were never such a campaign in Nissan for changing timing chain set for Nissan Navara trucks.

Mechanic working in authorized Nissan service station told me that there was a campaign for Nissan Navara for changing timing chain set at 2011 and It covers my car (2009 model Nissan Navara) and general headquarters replied that there wasn't such a campaign.

Who should I believe? Who should I ask for correct information? If I am always bringing my car to authorized service, why they didn't call me for changing a spare part that should be changed in warranty? Why I use my car with such an important spare part as timing chain that is told that it is untrusted and that it is announced to be changed and why I am not notified?

And why I should pay like 5000 Turkish Lira for a part that is changed under warranty before for other people just because Nissan did not notify me to be changed?

I want my car's timing chain to be changed under warranty as It is done for all other customers...

Mar 31, 2017

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