Nissan MotorTransmission blown

On thursday february 2, 2017 approximately 5:45 pm, i was driving in the middle of on kirkwood highway in newark, de which is 3 lanes. The car began to shake and hesitate to take off. While in the middle of heavy traffic the car finally stopped accelerating and would not move. I had my 3 year old son in the back seat at the time. An passerby finally pulled up behind me and helped me push my car out of the middle of the highway to the left turn lane so that i wasn't blocking the flow of traffic. After about 2 hours, a tow truck finally came and towed the car to benchmark transmission in newark, de. The mechanic named dante advised that the transmission had died. He also notified me that this was a known recall issued by nissan several years back which my transmission was now out of recall due to the mileage. My car was in the nissan service department in november 2012 to fix the electronic steering column lock that also turned into a recall. At that time nissan had my updated address as well as it has been continuously updated with the delaware dmv and i was never notified of any recall. There was also no indication that any issue was occurring with the transmission (no check engine light) prior to the incident. I want nissan to be held accountable for this incident. The cost of repair will be in upwards of $4, 000.00

Feb 04, 2017

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