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NIPSCO / Bad service

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My NIPSCO bill was generated on 8/13/2010 stating that I had a past due amount of 266.53, total amount due of 447.84 and 181.31 due on 9/2/2010. Meter reading date was between the 13th and 15th.

Nipsco's customer service manual states that they MUST send a disconnection notice and they can't disconnect until 14 days have passed from the issue of the disconnection notice.

What I got on the 13th is a regular bill with no disconnect notice. There is no disconnect notice on my online account, and no other information since the 13th.

When calling NIPSCO I was greeted with general rudeness and standoffish attitudes. I asked why my electricity has been disconnected and the only response was "We sent the disconnection notice out."

NIPSCO could not tell me the date the disconnect notice was issued or when it's deadline was. I requested they look into my account to verify the disconnection or even the existence of the disconnection notice.

I was told they couldn't do that and if I wanted my electricity back on I would have to pay the total amount due from the 13th, the total amount due on the 2nd (it isn't even the 2nd yet), a $200 deposit, and a $45 reconnection fee.

Is NIPSCO that hard up for the cash?
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N  14th of Nov, 2011 by  User  Agree Disagree 0 Votes
similar thing happened with me, I am on two credit agreements and marium from the nipsco 800 number reassured me my bill was a zero all i had to do was pay current bill and credit agreements on time, she assured me she had adjusted the credit agreement to include the disconnect in question woke up this morning to disconnected service called only to be told by a rude manager named Gwendolyn i had to pay 215.00 to get service back on and it could take up to 48 hours to pull the call logs. I have paid all credit agreement payments on time and have receipts.
A  15th of Jan, 2014 by  User  Agree Disagree 0 Votes
We have been backing for the last month and a half... Before everything was all packed up we had 3 bedrooms (2 with TV's surround sound in one etc.) a Living room and dining room. We packed up the fish tank ( a huge waste on electric) as well as 2 of the rooms. Now we only have 1 computer (as opposed to two that were up) 1 TV, game system and surround sound hooked up. Of course a couple of phone chargers, and appliances in the kitchen... We left the heat on what we leave it on pretty much all year. 72 degrees... The weather went into an AVG of 18 Degrees threw the month... (ok cold i get it heat bill is gonna be a little higher). I received the next bill. We litterally doubled our usage in gas(without touching the thermostat) and our electric bill somehow was higher then the month prior when we had all the rooms hooked up and the fish tank and extra computer laptop..etc... I called, got a rep on the phone, as soon as i said I found it hard to believe my electric is higher now then it was before all my electronics were put away, I got every excuse in the world. About Oh when the furnace kicks on more, its gonna raise your electric usage. There was 4 more days in that month, over the last month (somehow means 4 days of use puts me right back to all my electronics being plugged in AND THEM SOME) Maybe you left your lights on or something... (excuse me? Yea thats what made the bill so high...) They had just installed new meters on the house Which I said are probably getting wrong readings... (fell on deaf ears) of course that cant be it, cause then they would have to give back money or... GOD FORBID correct their billing. This company is a joke, Strange how I get this problem when i just called them the last month to let them know we are cancelling service because of moving.. IF YOU CAN FIND ANOTHER GAS/ELECTRIC COMPANY TO USE DO IT. DO NOT USE THESE SCAM ARTISTS THEY WILL GET YOU! AND WHATS WORSE IS THERE IS NO WAY TO DISPROVE THEM!
D  7th of Nov, 2016 by  User  Agree Disagree 0 Votes
I have lived in Indiana for over 10yrs. Never has my power went out as many times
As it has this year. My power has went out 6x's this year. It went out 30 mins ago for the 2nd time just within 2 weeks and nipsco
Has no explanation why😡 I know they are purposely shutting power off in the area I live in . There are no down power lines and no bad weather. Each time it has happened, a crew is present down the street. They do not
Inform the Community that they will shut off the power, They do it and it has stayed
Off for over 8 hours before with no explanation as to what happened.
N  21st of Apr, 2017 by  User  Agree Disagree 0 Votes
Today is the second day this week that Nipsco turned the power off with no warning. I have a son who has medical issues and equipment and I have to know when they are going to turn the power off. I called them on wensday when they shut off the power at 8 in the morning. I was told they were fixing the outage but the outage was caused by them, I was watching through my window a bunch of Nipsco trucks changing the poles and the lines, no notice to the customers and was told it wasn't planned so they don't need to notify the customer, what BS. I told them about my son having medical equipment and had no battery for it and I was just blown off and told they would contact me when the power was back on, really?? How about you notify people before you shut it off. By the way my son just got out of the hospital less than a week ago. The person I talk to was very heartless. I am so upset with Nipsco, they have no respect for their customers. I am going on 3 hours with no power. I swear if anything happens to my son and I can not use my medical equipment for him, I will hold Nipsco responsible. Nipsco get your stuff together and start letting your customers know what's going on.

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