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Nippon Spares Limited / This company cannot be trusted!

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Nippon Spares Ltd.

Unit 1 Anglian Industrial Estate, Atcost Road, barking, Essex IG11 0EQ,

On 18th May 2007 I took delivery of a replacement second hand Subaru Engine purchased from the above company. This company is one of several salvage companies who use the internet to pick up spares/ parts requests and quote. Upon inspection of the engine it was apparent that transit damage had occurred. I signed for it damaged and called the suppliers. Basically the pulley covers had been cracked and the dip stick pipe bent and buckled. I was assured by their staff that all engines are dispatched on pallets, be wrapped and banded to the pallet securely. This had not been the case and clearly the engine had rolled about in transit. Nippon Spares agreed to send replacement pulley covers and also payA370 towards the costs of replacing the pulley covers (which means removing the cam belts/ pulleys and having the timing re-set - not an easy job).

On 15th June no covers or payment received, despite the promises. Emails to this company went unanswered and phone messages ignored. Until the pulley covers were replaced the engine could not be fitted. I chose to obtain the pulley covers elsewhere and got on with the fitting of the replacement engine. By now the cost to me on top of the engine was in excess ofA3200. Most of the work fitting the new engine was done by me in my spare time, fortunately however, I was working in a workshop which specialized in similar vehicles so took a lot of advice (and help).

Eventually the replacement engine was fitted, however by 19th July all efforts to start the engine had failed, all probable causes were checked but found not to be the problem. Ultimately it was necessary to remove the engine again and dismantle. Upon inspection by mechanics it was found that on one side of the engine the inlet and exhaust valve cam shafts had been fitted the wrong way round. This engine was fitted in the same condition it was supplied but was never ever going to start in such condition. Once the engine has been re-built and re-fitted, it will have cost me in excess ofA3825 on top of the price of the engine to put everything right.

Detailed explanations have been sent to Nippon Spares, who initially hid behind their Terms and Conditions and then suggested I was lying about the engines condition. After further exchanges they simply said, bring the engine back and it would be replaced. This however, is not the issue or the point. Due to this companies negligence they have supplied faulty goods which are not fit for purpose. As a result of this, considerable costs have been incurred which they simply ignore and have no intention to accept or recognize. Simply changing the engine will not resolve this issue.

I highly recommend anyone thinking of dealing with this company to tread very very carefully as they cannot be trusted, if possible seek a far more reputable dealer.

David Tudor.

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  • Ja
      19th of Sep, 2007
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    AGREED!! Absolute complete rubbish customer service. ignored honecalls, hangups, slight abuse and being called a liar. Sent 2 dodgy engines for MR2 Tubro that failed leak down tests. I sent my car to them, they fitted the same engine thatw as dodgy, used wrong spark plugs. Stated a 33k mileage car... now its starting to smoke under 1k use of low speed runs. What a rip... I hope they will accept the engine is still under warranty. Very difficult to deal with, ive been there myself... Ignorant set of guys who run it. I admit the work mechanics fit the engine well, but they're all a bunch of monkeys. My car came out scratched, dented and chipped on new paintwork! Call me 07985308743

    Im thinking of court procedures..

  • Ch
      26th of Sep, 2007
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    they are a bunch of conning thieving rippinhg of ###!


  • Ch
      26th of Sep, 2007
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    Previously traded as orton motors! Probably shut down! EVERYONE SHOULD SUE THEM!

  • Da
      29th of Sep, 2007
    0 Votes

    I buy all my stock from this company and iv never had no problem with them. In the past few years i have purchased around 400 units from them and have had a very high customer feedback please check my site and see the kind of product they give me. Pleasure to deal with as always now that they have got rid of ADAM.

  • Ja
      29th of Sep, 2007
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    David...You are probably OK as you have an account with them where you buy from them all the time, you are valuable to them. Ive spent 1K on an engine thats now started to smoke after 1k miles only!! Im a one off customer, they messed me about (real long nightmare story) for such a long time. An engine that I was supposed to recieve next day turned up 8 weeks later. Its then fitted as insisted by them and that took 4 weeks and my car came out in a terrible state. I had a brand new K27 turbo unit fitted at the same time, the turbo is knackered beyond belief because of the engine has spitted out metal filings!

    I just got a call from IAN at Nippon in his own words saying... 'stick that warranty up your ###''... CHARMING! after he read what I wrote as above. The engine has only done 1k miles in 4 months and I had a 6 month warranty. I couldn't say much in return as he was eager to walk from the phone after saying this.

    After the amount of money I spent with them, the amount of grief, ignorance, rudeness I recieved. Visits were a chore(yes, they kept telling me my car is fine to take away when the car barely ran right even after the engine install). I had to get someone down there to fix it for me in the end!

    Following his words which were repeated over the phone... I've proved the customer service side of things... He just doesn't care... The mechanics were great and sympathetic and actually tried to diagnose a problem for me. Its the guys that run the place that ruined my experience. I hope your'e reading this IAN and learn from this... Oh by the way, expect a pester from trading standards or a letter from court. Ive got my paper work for the warranty, labour and engine. Call me again to sort this and I may reconsider my thoughts towards what is supposed to be a reputable company. You got my 1K and in return I get poorly fitted worn engine... What a result (!)

  • Je
      27th of May, 2008
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    Yes these guys would appear to be as dodgy as dodgy can be.
    They had a web site called MDKL motors which sells recon motors, which depending on what web site you searched it out through had 2 different addresses. Unit 1 anglian estate atcost road in Barking or unit 8 atcost road. When you ring them you get a message saying you have rung the "motor supplier" ( not MDKL MOTORS),
    MDKL and Nipponspares appear to be the same place.
    They are no longer at the above addresses and may have moved to barkingside or

    I ordered an engine from their ebay shop ( now interestingly now longer registered with ebay), paid for it with paypal and waited for it to arrive in 24 hours, , , , it didnt.
    Lots of unanswered calls and two weeks later I finally got through and was told the engine should have been delivered but was delayed as it had failed it's compression test ( strange I thought, surely this would have been done some time ago not just prior to delivery.)
    They promised that another replacement engine was on the way and was in transit from Japan, and would be ready next week.
    Guess what it wasnt!
    i rign them and am told it is stuck in customs
    Two weeks later the engine is finally delivered, the wrongplace.
    Finally the engine arrives and I pay £500 to get the old engine out and this new one in. Drive the car for 3 days seems okay then starts making a loud rattling noise.My garage tells me the 1st cyliner has no compression and basically the engine is stuffed.
    I email, I phone, I leave messages after 3 weeks no response whatsoever.
    These people do not import quality engines, what they do is get requests for an engine, source the engine from wherever, tart them up a bit, pack them in a crate and ship them out . Your old engine as part of the deal and has to be sent off to them ( which i assume they then tart up for the next ucker who comes along).
    Stay well clear.
    they may now be at
    Hunts Lane London, London, E15 2QE. p: 0208519050
    and the owner fo the place may be a guy called ALI RASHID ZULFIRAK

  • Bl
      22nd of Aug, 2008
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    I also had bad experience with MDKL. We ordered a gearbox for my boyfriend's car (Mitsubishi FTO). They sent us wrong gearboxes 2x!! I gave them all the specifications, I would think this would be enough. After shouting at them by phone after sending the 2nd wrong one (the car what we have is a 2 liter engine one, they sent for the 1.8). They told me in the big rush they made a mistake. I could accept making a mistake. Once. We are human, it happens. But not twice. On the end they admitted it, that they've never had the correct one in stock. The car is abroad at the moment, so it's not parking here, in front of the house, so it cost us far too much money. I called the Office of Fair Trading as MDKL had the gearbox for a week and when I called them there were denying it. I asked the whole documentation from the delivery company and in this way I had to proof against them. I handle it to the Fair Trading people. As far as I know they had a meeting on Thursday. Don't really know what's the result. We are still waiting our money to come back (karl, MDKL told me they transferred on Wednesday). If we won't have the money by next Thursday we will go to the court. They told us the price of the gearbox is £395+£50 postage. I guess they were not brilliant in maths, as they took £450...

    I would warn everyone, be careful with them. When you ask to have a pic about an item they don't have any pics. Nice pics on ebay by the way, warehouse with forklift. I would expect a pic about the engine or gearbox, I don't care how a forklift looks like.

    I just can't understand how a company like this still exist??

    Good luck with them!

  • Le
      27th of Aug, 2008
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    i bought a gear box from them ### it cost me 450.00 off money i could not afford they sent me gear box but wrong one i delivered it back to them and netver recived my 450.00 pounds back i phoned million s off times and got ian who was a complete idiot and called me a liar never got any where with them was it because i was a woman how could u robe a woman with 2 kids off htat kind offf money but am saving up to go down there and tell them excatly what i think so i hope the v e got my money waiting for me and expenses from edinburgh down you robbing prats

  • Da
      1st of Dec, 2008
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    Have had a similar experience with MDKL. Sent me a 'recon' impreza engine after waiting 5-weeks. Fitted and found it was worse than the one I took out. Phoned them and talked to Karl who said he would sort it out. Had to phone every day for 6-weeks before I got a replacement. This engine came from SMR engines. it looked quite good and well packaged. Lasted 2000 miles and the big ends went. Phoned Karl again. Waited 5-weeks for them to pick the old engine up and have been waiting three weeks now for the replacement. All phone calls, faxes and e-mails ignored. Going to take them to court. My advice to anyone is to keep well clear of this company or any company involved with them. Advertising on e-bay still as prestige partz.

  • Im
      5th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    Totally rubbish company. My grandmother bought an engine for her Hiace and they sent us utter rubbish. Dealt with a guy called ian who sounds like an lying asian fellow as the engine he sold apparantly done 30, 000 miles and was fully reconditioned with new parts. how can an engine have done 30, 000 miles and be fully reconditioned? Total rubbish and lies from start to end. Had to stop paymenet with card company, complained to watchdog. This experience was unbearable as it was ontop of everything else. Total disgrace of a company. Go to anyone else BUT them.

  • Si
      13th of Apr, 2009
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    Having exactly same problems as listed with a Toyota Previa engine. Started May 2007 - their engines installed twice, and taken out twice and now they will not talk to me apart from stating the three month warranty is up. It skinted me and has left me seething!
    They laugh at threatened Court action simply because they will move on and trade under a different name. Therefore, can I just inform you all that those whom paid by a credit card or Visa debit card are covered under an act called "Section 75". If you make a complaint, your bank or card provider gets your money back from Nippon Spare's bankers. If enough of us whom have paid that way make as much fuss as possible hopefully their bankers will kick these con men into touch.

  • Da
      19th of May, 2009
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    same problem for me, toyota engine came with cracked head, no awnser to my calls, i dont believe they have any engines they just source the when they get an order, any way i have quoted section 75 to my credit card co, will let you all know the outcome.
    I have also sent a copy to office of fair tradind in rainham.

  • Jo
      2nd of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    Now trading as SMR Engines:

  • Th
      7th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    anyone know the address of these people as we have legal document to sent as they have done similair to us too. wish i had read this report before i dealt with them.

  • Ga
      9th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    these men are thieves does anyone have address thanks

  • Sl
      9th of Jun, 2009
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    these ### have stitched me up bigtime with a duff engine (ca18det). "oh yer m8 this engine has done less than 30k and comes with warranty" bollocks, 1 of the pots had rust in it when the engine finally got installed in my motor guess wot...knock, knock, knock, ###in knock, big ends, i thought it was a recon unit????? very confused, DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE!!! they trade under prestige partz on ebay and apparently there 2 addesses are both in barking essex, these are a bunch of ###s you cant get hold of them and when you finally do there as helpful as a ### with no balls (useless)

  • Da
      10th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    contact abdul basith at the office of fair trading in tower hamletts he is handling this case

    get prestigepartz details from companies house website

    has any one got paperwork or receipts from this mob, they charge vat but to they pay it ?

  • Ea
      18th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    A thief who should be given a lethal injection. he has robbed countless people, i have finally got the muppets
    from ebay to see what this ### is doing and he has been ###ed out, (for the moment) he stole £1280 from me
    and i listnened to all the excuses listed in everybody elses complaints. he does not have a vat no, and appears to advertise anything people want. when you reply to his ad for whatever he is selling he goes around his local scrapyards, buys [censored]e and sends it to you. or in my case advertised a secondhand gearbox for sale that he never had, said he would recon mine then ###ed me over big time. DONT BE FOOLED BY THIS ### HE IS A THIEF

  • Da
      20th of Jul, 2009
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  • Ha
      30th of Jul, 2009
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    Hi I think I am another person who has been duped by Karl Head. I bought a Toyota Surf Engine from them after seeing it on ebay advertised on the site run by Prestige_partz ... I rang them to check if the engine was suitable for my car and then stupidly just ordered it there and then without going through ebay. The website link (below) convinced me that this was a genuine company.

    The guys name was Karl and the contact numbers are 07870 347 520, 02071 933 756.

    I did receive the engine but it was cut out of a car, the engine I bought was supposed to have been recondiioned as described in the website, etc etc ... but obviously wasn't. I have tried to contact them repeatedly but the landline number is unobtainable and the mobile is on answer phone. The engine cost £895 + a £150 deposit. I am in the process of fitting the engine into the surf and dont know if it works !!!

    The engine took five weeks to arrive and several unsuccesful phone calls... I dont hold out much hope of getting my deposit back,

    I have emailed the guy at Tower Hamlets for advice

    Haig McCulloch

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