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Incident date - 20-04-2016
My mob No - [protected]

Respected sir / madam,

I purchased a Nikon camera ( CMR S9900 ) on above mentioned date through NBD credit card for Aed 999.and made 6 months 0% instalment plan with the bank. Now i want pay to bank 250 dhs to cancel this instalment plan. The salesman explained and showed me the usage of product with demo piece.( but he not suggested me to check the new piece damage or not after the payment ) I opened the camera used 2 days 3 times. Unexpectedly flash broke itself. and not happened from my side by misuse and there is no scratches or no other mistakes to prove that its happened from my side. I informed to customer service mall of emirates carrefore where i purchased it. they told me to bring back and will return the money to your credit card or purchase other product equal to 999 dhs or more than 999 dhs. i suggested to return money to my credit card.

Next day i given back the product, they found no scratches or any other mistake to blame me. because it is not happened from my side. but they were not willing to pay back the money as mentioned the previous day and told me to take other product or to wait 7 days to get report and i waited more than 17 days no replay. on [protected] somebody called me and told to pay 250 dhs to repair it. I refused. I don't want any more this product.because i am afraid to believe this product.


1) what kind of service this ?

2) why you are selling partially broken product ?

3) why your salesman did not advice me to check the product whether it is damaged or not ?

3) why you are not return money back as you mentioned ?

4) why you are not abide by as per your article 3 (a) behind the invoice ? (Consumable items found defective within 7 days subject to exchange or refund)

5) why you are refusing me to give a copy of the report which you received ?

6) why the customer service agent compelled me to take it back and given me a warning that after six months attach it to Carrefore ?

I felt so bad and too disappointed !

Expect immediate action.( I prefer to get refund if not, exchange with other product )



May 15, 2016

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