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Richard Braggs or Richard Brags skype:richardbrags and email:
[protected] runs a scam at
http://www.nikolateslaenergy.comTheir sales presentation indicates that they will refund your money within 60 days of purchase "no questions asked"But
when asked, they refuse. They have found a loop hole with Paypal
whereby Paypal will not protect consumers for "intangible goods". Paypal
won't even look into the lie that this company will refund a purchase
"no questions asked". That alone should make paypal revoke this
companies account, but this is not the case.Therefore they will
lie about a money back guarantee, and when you open a dispute with
Paypal. They write that the product is digital and intangible, and
paypal promptly closes the dispute in their favor.They're clearly adept
at this.Other emails used are:[protected]@nikolateslaenergy.[protected]@codename-like.comThey've
even fraudulently registered the site in the phillipines with someone
else's name (presumably) to misdirect people from investigating them:
the help of you can see that on the same IP
these other websites are hosted, all likely owned by the same person: only that, but as clever as they are, they registered multiple review sites for the
scam all of which rank on page 1 of google and have "positive" reviews
pointing to different subfolders of their main site. For example:
their advertising they say you will be able to build this generator for
under $200.00 to power your own home.
When you get to the members area and download the plans, at the very
end it says: "you can use this system to charge a phone or a laptop but
it's very limited. One day I hope to build one that can provide energy
for a home!"Thanks Richard Braggsskype: richardbragsfor misleading us and not honoring your return policy to keep monies you do not deserve!Buyer Beware!

Feb 13, 2014

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