Nike / T - Lite Viii Sl ShoeReplacement of shoe under warranty

I had pruchased a Nike Shoe model - T-LITE VIII SL on dated 25th July 2010 from Nike store, Dwaraka, New Delhi. The sole of shope wripped off from the base with 1.5 Months of purchase. The shoe was purchased from theor store sale and when i had taken it back for replacement, they told me thhat they will replace at the price they had sold and now their sale has been closed, so they will not replace at the basic actual price of shoe.
What is the fault of customer, if the sale was from company, the manufacturing fault was in company product, which they admitted. That shope breakdown in just 45 days of purchase.
The basic actual price is 3227 and price at which sold was 2200. So they will give replacement for 2200 only as their sale is closed.
Please help out in this matter, after harasement from product, i had handed over the pair of shoe on 9th sept to their store and till date i haven't got any thing from company end. Need your intervention.


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