Nightingale Bullies Formal Complaint with BBB, MS / Nightingale Bullies Breech of Contract

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Phone: 6624649473

This breeder is a puppy mill. FCI is not a Kennel which issues pedigrees and papers. The Fédération Internationale Cynologique (FCI) found at serves the best interest of animal health ONLY. There is a complaint initiated with the BBB of Mississippi against That case tracking number is:

If you have also been scammed by Ashley Anderson, now is the time to shut her down to stop her from taking advantage of others who are looking for English Bulldogs. I purchased from her with promise to receive papers within a year. Papers only take 6 weeks with AKC. Her puppies are not guaranteed to be transferred to AKC after you receive, but she does not issue papers for the puppies. They are not from CHAMPION BLOODLINES as advertised nor are they show quality. YOU WILL NOT GET THE BULLIE YOU PICKED ON LINE EITHER. I put down a deposit for a fawn and white and got a brindle and white. STAY AWAY!!! Your bullies will have nothing but health issues.

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  • Ni
      Oct 04, 2009

    This ia ### Ashley Anderson is wonderful, Vortigern has beautiful bullies. The above poster is a breeder!

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  • Bu
      Nov 08, 2009

    Ashley Anderson of Nightingale Bullies is a monster. I bought my puppy from her a year ago & STILL never recived registration papers. Nightingale Bullies or is only out to make money by mass selling cheap low quality puppy mill puppies. Ashley Anderson is a liar! I talked to a a breeder this week who told me they buy cheap puppies from Vortigern Bullies for resale for about 800 - 1200 per puppy shipping included! This is what Nightingale Bullies does to make a fast buck off of inocent buyers that don't know any better. Why isn't Ashley Anderson in jail & Nightingale Bullies shut down? AFter all this is an illegal trade. Bulldog breeders make me sick & Nightingale Bullies is the worst I have yet seen. Adopt a Bulldog from rescue and save a life do not suport a breed like Nightingale Bullies or you will pay for it!!

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  • Ow
      Dec 17, 2009

    The information about FCI is not about the health of animals. Each country has their own FCI sanctioned dog club which registers the puppies under each countries registry Here is the link for transferring the dogs to AKC from Foreign Registry.

    This woman does not know what she is talking about as all dogs imported into country no matter what breed are registered with one of the FCI sanctioned countries registry.

    FCI is not the actual registry as it oversees each countries registry and there are many different registries as shown on AKC website depending on what country. Hungary is MEOE, Russia is RKF, and so on...

    Also, the buyer above put deposit on one puppy but, then changed her mind to a different puppy later and I also found out from others that she owned and ran a full blown puppymill operation and I refused her pedigrees just like anyone who buys my dogs under false pretense I will do the same. If you buy telling me you are looking for pet and I find out you have 10 dogs that you are breeding in your backyard I will deny your papers. I would rather you return my puppies/dogs so I can find them a suitable home where they will be loved and cherished.
    We do not sell our puppies to commercial breeders or puppymills as stated in our contract and on our website.
    So, again another side of the story you didnt hear.
    This woman has posted many complaints under false names trying to ruin our reputation and any complaints posted on the internet are not verified so if you have any questions about our business and want references from past customer new and repeat buyers please contact me. We also provide a vet reference as well. We are not what she has made us out to be and I have many who will tell you the same.

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  • Ow
      Dec 17, 2009

    Well... Another thing is that we sell for our breeders and we do not buy and resell our puppies. We help our breeders find loving homes for them. So, this BS about buying puppies for $800 to $1200 is a lie! I am a puppy placement service for my devoted breeders and it is very clear by looking at the pedigrees and dogs on his website that he is not breeding for profit or for cheap. His pedigrees include World Champions and overall excellent health. If you can find a bulldog puppy that looks like his for that price be sure to fill me in because I am there! Get real ppl and get a life and know the true facts as that is why you all hide behind names like Bullie Mom! Wheres your real name because if you posted your real names I could sue you for defamation and libel as you HAVE not posted one single fact here only what you think is right or what you may believe to be true.

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  • Ba
      Jan 13, 2010

    I purchased my bulldog through Nightingale Bullies almost a year ago. She has had no health issues and our vet said, "she is the best put together bulldog I've seen".

    I've had wonderful service from Ashley before our purchase and after our puppy came to our home.

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  • Ne
      Jan 31, 2010

    Also, For those who state they have not received a pedigree please contact me as I will check to see why or if I have received it. I might have overlooked you. Please go to our website and go to our contact us page as I will be glad to send the pedigrees to you. It was not intentional if I didnt send a pedigree. We do not intend on selling puppies without pedigrees or papers but, I might have just overlooked who I have sent them to and not. So, just contact me.

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  • Ba
      Feb 04, 2010

    This woman is a liar I have had nothing but heartache from Ashley Anderson who is supposed to be the owner of Niteingale Bulldogs. Our dog died right after we got her and when I try to get a replacement she is very mean. We will call and email and she makes up this and that excuse about why I cant have a puppy now. She tells me and my husband that she will replace only when she wants to. I am thinking we wont ever see a new puppy. I know other people have also had this problem with Niteingale Bulldogs. She has told me if I dont leave her alone she may not give me a puppy and we want others to know before they make a huge mistake. Like we did.

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  • Ni
      Mar 02, 2010

    Well. This person that states their name is bad person why dont you put your real name. There is not anyone out there that I know of whose dog has died after they have gotten it. I am telling you that this is getting ridiculous. You people hide behind fake names and lies!
    It is so funny that the only ones posting their real names are the ones in my defense. You are either my competition or someone that I had bad dealing with and probably shouldnt have sold a puppy to start off with.
    This is absurd. I have names and number for my customers who have gotten replacement puppies from me and I will be glad to send them your way.
    I have not heard from anyone whose puppy died so this is a lie.

    Let me explain something too before I go as a business owner for 7 years I will let you know that anyone can post anything about anyone without it being verified or true. They are hiding behind fake names because if I found out who it was they could be sued for defamation or libel as it is against the law to slander a business or person without have proof or documents to back up their claims. I want people to know when they are reading these lies because it is complete and utter crap!

    If you want to find more about us I have more than 50 customers that I can send phone numbers for that will tell you more about our business and how we operate and they will be glad to share their experiences with buying our puppies.

    Look me up on facebook and most of our customers are on their as well. You can use our email to look us up [protected]

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  •   Mar 02, 2010

    Ashley sold my boyfriend and I a beautiful english bulldog puppy. He is happy and healthy-we have all of his papers and couldn't be happier. We have been told by vets and experts that he an exceptional bulldog inside and out. Ashley was great to work with and we have since recommended Nightingale Bullies to everyone who stops us on the street to admire our beautiful bully!

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  • Je
      Mar 26, 2010

    My name is Jennifer in Chicago IL. I help with Bulldog rescue and we get complaints about Nightingale Bullies all of the time. We have had many bulldogs put into rescue by people who got it from but couldn't keep the bulldog puppy due to major health defects. The information that I have gathered is that works as a broker just for the evil green stuff. This is a horrible trade that must be stoped. Nightingale Bullies finds random breeders in poor countries & trys to sell the bulldog puppies for them quickly before another broker sells the pup. I have seen the same puppies for sale on Nightingale Bullies site as I have seen listed on other brokers sites. Such as /removed/ & . What Ashley Nicol at Nightingale Bullies does for greed hurts these poor puppies but mostly YOU PUPPY BUYERS!!! Her & other brokers are selling dogs for high dollar that they no NOTHING about. Nightingale Bullies has never seen these puppies, they don't even know if the puppy really exist or if another broker may have allready sold it. They don't know who the parents really are. Nightingale Bullies & YOU as puppy buyers can't trust the puppy mills over seas that these dogs come from. That is why people keep getting sick dogs, dogs with wrong or no papers & the WRONG dogs from Nightingale Bullies. Nightingale Bullies HAS NEVER seen the dog. They want to make a fast buck at the risk of breaking your heart. It is a risk they are more than willing to take for what... MONEY MONEY MONEY

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  • Ow
      Mar 26, 2010

    Oh really... Well if you have dogs of mine Jennifer than please send me their microchip or tattoo number as I have in my contract first right of refusal so if the buyers are sending my dogs to rescue they are in breach of my contract. Also, you have no idea who I am or nor do I know you so what makes you think that you can get on here and state things that you have no idea that are true or not... Once again these are opinions not facts... So, let me get your real name for posting things about me that you can not prove so I can sue you for defamation, libel, and slander as what you have posted on this complaints board is also untrue and false information.
    Have you personally bought a puppy from? Have you personally met me? Have you personally done business with me? ALso, I dont have that many dogs in Chicago. I have sold a minimal puppies there and I have 3 happy customers that live there now that have our frenchies and our english bulldogs. Also, Once again another competitor or someone else posting false information about my business. Come on ppl!

    Jennifer my contact number is [protected] and you are more than welcome to give me a call so we can discuss this matter of lies that are you posting about our business. Also, I dont sell sick puppies and the first complaints is in regards to me finding out that the buyer was running a puppymill and I will not give papers to anyone who buys my puppies under false pretenses or false names... So, know the facts before posting your lies..

    I am attaching files of our puppies... Do they look sick, unhealthy, or from puppy mills? This World Champion in my 2nd generation pedigrees is his puppy mill material really? Well if so I guess that means the value of bulldogs have gone down...

    Yes... I sell my puppies for money as all breeders do. What we should just give our puppies away I guess is what you think? Well then more dogs would end up in shelters and rescues because everyone wants a bulldog but, not everyone has the financial resources to care for them...

    Once again... Just give me a call and I will be glad to send you to all my customers and repeat customers as I am sure they will overly out weigh your few.

    As with any business you can not make everyone happy... It is a part of business and life...

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  • Je
      Mar 26, 2010

    Dear owner of Nightingale Bullies, I take it that you have never shown & breed dogs ethically to know how things should work? Your statement here is so sad: "As with any business you can not make everyone happy". This just breaks my heart & makes me SICK! The reason for breeding & creating new lives is to better the breed by the breeders who truly love the breed. A reputable breeder would never ever in a million years view the breed they love as a "business" or a way to make money. Breeders who truly love the breed & are breeding to better the breed put more into their dogs than they ever get out of them financially. Reputable breeders spend thousands and thousands of dollars every year showing their dogs at all AKC shows possible, health testing etc... These are also the breeders that only produce 1 -2 high quality litters per year and do not recover the money they have invested in the their dogs. Reputable breeders have jobs to support their dog addiction.
    People like you that view dogs as a "BUSINESS" are interested in MONEY not bettering the breed. This is what sadly hurts the breed the very most...
    I am happy to call you if you want to talk about helping support the medical bills for some of the dogs you have sold that are in rescue ?? I have no interest in calling you to hear your ridiculous references. Blah, what do I care about that? I know what you are doing to this breed & you just told me with your own words why you are interested in the Bulldog breed. I love this breed & people like you are the biggest problem this breed has! It makes me very sad.
    If you want respect & for people not to bad mouth you "start breeding ethically". STOP brokering puppies for poor income countries. Start showing your dogs, only breed a couple high quality litters a year, join the BCA. If you do that no one will have anything bad to say about you...
    Discussed, Jennifer

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  • Ni
      Mar 26, 2010

    Dear " Jennifer " or whatever your name is.. I dont do this to benefit you or people like you. You are just another one who wanted to jump on the bandwagon to start a crusade to try and put others down. Still dont know you last name... Come on you can tell me and everyone else who reads this as if I was so really wanting to get my word out there I would have my full name all over it.
    The more you talk the more it is easily to see that you dont know what you are talking about.
    As a matter of fact I do show my english bulldogs as I have a 8 month old male going to the show ring in April.. I have been a breeder of bulldogs for 5 years myself and before that I showed Labrador Retrievers for 3 years and also bred them. So, once again things you didnt know that you like to make an assumption about. Just another reason to keep your mouth shut when you dont know what you talking about.

    Really? So... Devoted reputable bulldog breeders work full time jobs and care for english bulldog puppies around the clock 24 hours as that is what it takes when they are born to make sure everything is okay and they are well taken care of. Really? Okay... well I know 6 Top Show Breeders with very well known dogs in rings now that dont work other jobs and raise English Bulldogs. Once again.. your ignorance.. You cant raise a litter of english bulldogs and leave them for any amount of time as they would die without our helping hand. I guess that we just leave the puppies form 8 to 5 and hope for the best right...
    No.. not I. You have no idea of the time, money, love, sweat, tears that goes into raising a litter of puppies...
    You just want to get on this board and say your piece when everyone can see right through it... BLAH BLAH BLAH!
    Because that is about what is looks like to me.
    MONEY MONEY MONEY! Yes, I make money for what just like anyone who has a job makes money.
    Yes, I offer a service to my customers for better bred dogs with bloodlines from Europe and England and guess what they are not inbred and they are not granddaughter grandfather breedings..
    My bloodlines and my puppies do not fall over dead from cancers at 3 years old nor do they have spinal problems or all the issues that I have seen in these lines around here...
    So... Just know the facts again as if I have to keep telling you before you try and jump on a bandwagon you know nothing about.

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  • Je
      Mar 26, 2010

    My last name is Miller and it IS on my profile. Reputable breeders do NOT BREED as a job. Twist things however helps you sleep at night. Regardless you aren't even a real breeder you ARE A LOW CLASS BROKER! Tell me how selling puppies that you have never seen for higher prices than what most reputable breeders who slaved over the puppies sell them for is reputable ? You can't because it isn't. If you show please send a link to your show records. And just so you know many puppy mills show one or two dogs so they can have something to talk about this means nothing.
    Why broker bulldog puppies from low income countries like you do?? To hurt the bulldog breed & put money on your pocket. You are sick and twisted. Maybe you should team up with SW Bulldogs. You two could slaughter the breed for money together well. Sounds like you use a lot of the same sales pitches. You have no idea if the bulldog puppies you sell are inbred just like he doesn't BECAUSE you have never seen the parents & have no proof what lines the dogs are really from.
    FYI one of the dogs you sold that ended up in rescue has very bad spine issues & actually has to drag its back legs. We don't know if it was line-bred or not because it's owners NEVER received papers from you!
    Please take your foot out of your mouth. I know about this breed & raising puppies. I have fostered several abused female bulldogs that were pregnant when rescued from puppy mills. It takes a lot to raise bulldog puppies. Every reputable breeder I know takes a few wks off work when raising a litter or has a family member or vet tech help raise the pups. THIS IS A RIDICULOUS EXCUSE for breeding as an income. Most high quality well bred Bulldog puppies are priced at [protected]. Your bulldog puppies are so over priced and for what? You can't even prove who the parents are.
    So PLEASE answer my question... Why not STOP brokering puppies you know nothing about & only breed a couple high quality litters per year?? If breeding takes so much time, money, love, sweat, tears how can you have masses & masses of puppies listed on your website at all times?? HORRIBLE puppy mill, HORRIBLE broker OR BOTH...?
    If you feel you have a bandwagon against you maybe you should think about the reason & change. I posted because I care about this breed & I keep hearing complaints about Nightingale Bullies and it makes me sad...

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  • Ni
      Mar 26, 2010

    Okay... You stupid woman I have nothing to prove to you and all you have stated are lies and it is so clear to see that... I am not worried about your two cents or what you have to say or think about me as I sleep just fine at night. The owners you claim you have a dog there for well it is sure funny to me that I have never heard from them or I would have taken the bulldog back as that is what is in my contract. So, try and pin your lame story on someone else. You are truly a foolish woman and do not know anything about me or my business... I am not going to post anymore as you are not worth my time or energy...

    Anyone reading this can clearly see your insane and do not know anything about bulldogs... Let me give you a cookie for fostering abused bulldogs! Thats what everybody says...
    I have also fostered abused bulldogs so does that make me a better person now.. Let me get a cookie for myself too then.

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  • Vi
      Mar 31, 2010

    Nightingale bullies ARE SCAMMERS ! Do not buy a Bulldog puppy from it Nightingale bullies ! Nicole / Ashley is bad person.

    My name`s Vitaly Belousov.I`m from Russia. My reference to all who has bought a puppy from Nightingalebullies -( Nicole Methvin )- she is Ashley Anderson too. Probably her husband Justin Anderson as. This woman bought from me many puppies in [protected]. the Price of a puppy from Russia 1200$ with delivery. Then she sold these puppies [protected]$. So you can see that profit on one puppy more than 2000 usd!!!I have sold to it 49 puppies. It worked so - I placed puppies in my house age of 45 -55 days, did pictures and then Nightingalebullies sold, but puppies a finding here in Russia. As she bought puppies Ukraine and Hungary - many sellers here sent to it puppies. It reminded mad dirty business. And I repent that took part in it! When the buyer the American did payment of a puppy, Ashley Anderson never sent me money at once. So I had no possibility to do sending of a puppy quickly and very often the puppy lived in my house to age of 4-6 months. I did not receive any indemnification of it. Ashley Anderson always sent me less money than promised for a puppy. She thought out a possible deceit and accused the bank of that that it is wrong remittance. At that time I nevertheless trusted this woman and have sent all puppies to it without having any payment for them.

    In October, 2008 I have made purchase of 6 puppies for it as she asked. She has assured me in fast sale and payment to me. But now June and I did not receive never any money back! All puppies which sells Nightingalebullies should have registration AKC. What documents FCI which price here nearby more than 100$ are necessary to do before it. But Ashley payment for these documents never sent to me and I have no possibility to spend the money for these papers. This woman blackmailed me and threatened me with court, but she did not wish to repay my a debt 7000 for puppies and did not wish to pay for registration documents. She has told to me that will make false papers for silly buyers and will never send me my money. I would like that it would be punished nevertheless and I ask the help to me now.Each week it sells 4-6 puppies. Earlier it had other address of a site and another a name - Nicole Methvin. But there it had court prosecution. Then it has changed the address and works again having other name.

    If you have bought from it a puppy and have no paper of registration or know whom or who did not receive as these papers - inform me. If you have bought my puppy I will help you what to correct it.
    Do NOT buy a Bulldog puppy from this bad Nightingale bullies. It Ashley Anderson is very very bad evil women.

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  • Ma
      Apr 01, 2010

    Anyone that does any amount of research would not buy from Nightingale bulldogs. I saw their puppies when I was looking for my bulldog after just a couple minutes I realized that it was a broker situation and not reputable.
    I just now looked again at the Nightingale Bulldog site & they have new litters listed for sale as if they were bred by NightinGale for $5200 per puppy. These litters are also listed for sale in Hungary on their breeders site for over half the price!! Breeders site is: Vortigern Bulldogs . Both are unreputable brokers. But Nightingale robs people blind. I don't understand how anyone falls for brokered bulldog puppies like this???

    After doing my research I purchased my Bulldog from Broadway Bulldogs. My puppy is sired by Mystyle Jack & grand sired by Merriveen Make My Day. My dog has a 10 times better pedigree, cost half the price of these pups listed in Nightengale site & WAS BRED IN AMERICA NOT BROKERED FROM HUNGARY !!!


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  • Ng
      Apr 01, 2010

    Okay... Well let me post these and you can call for yourself since I am such a big fraud... You know. This is just a small fraction of our customers as the list grows and grows each week as we complete more happy families with our puppies. But, call our references here they are and see for yourself who telling the truth here. The proof is in the pudding. I can keep going... Go to my past puppy page on my site and find any puppy on there and I will be glad to let you talk with their owners to see how their experience went with purchasing a puppy from us.

    I have lots more references as well but, here is somewhere to start... I will NOT BE POSTING ANYTHING ELSE to this board as I have nothing to hide or to be ashamed of and It is so clear to see that these are competitors and liars who posted all of this drama. I just want to get my point across that I am not a Scammer, Liar or do I defraud my buyers. Complete BS!!! So, this is my final post.. You want to believe these lies than thats fine but, the proof is below so call them.

    References for Nightingale Bullies:

    Courtney Rains... who posted above purchased Sean Patrick form us. Phone Number [protected].

    Miranda Hillan Phone Number [protected] or [protected] in California. Purchased Blossom From us.

    Wendy McGovern Phone Number [protected] Purchased Arlie From us.

    Alen Ducay Phone Number [protected] Purchased Bailey French Bulldog Puppy from us.

    Rebecca Middleton Phone Number [protected] Purchased Bradley from us.

    Susan Kimbrough Phone Number [protected] Purchased Elijah from us.

    Sue Pearlman Phone Number [protected] Purchased Caelyn From Us.

    Javier Noriega in Texas Purchased Bianca from us [protected]

    Bryan Huff's Phone Number Purchased Edgar (same breeder as Bethany) last month ...[protected]

    Barbara Vaughn in Virginia Purchased Cherise is [protected]-5164

    Patty Sparks in Oklahoma purchased Bella from us .. [protected]-1308

    Monica Stephenson in Oklahoma purchased Claudia from us Phone [protected]

    Stacie Morton Phone Number [protected] In California Purchased Byron from us.

    Bobbie Henderson BJ Bullies Purchased Chief from us from Oregon [protected]

    Pattie Horn Purchased Chopper from us Phone is [protected] from Louisiana

    Our Vet... Dr. Jan Bailey Winona Vet Hospital in Winona, MS [protected]-4413

    Tennley Vik in Ohio... purchased Berta from me phone [protected]-9973

    Sherry Allen in CA... Purchased 3 puppies from us 1 male and 2 females. [protected]-3197

    Ryan Mitchell in [protected]-3172 purchased a Male from me

    Renee Graziedi in Florida [protected]-9202 purchased 2 puppies from us.

    Pete Soupier... in California.. just purchased a puppy female from us [protected]-6674 .

    Anne Janway in Texas... purchased male and female from me [protected]-0141

    If you want more... I will be glad to send them over. Dont hesitate to ask.

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  • Bp
      Apr 03, 2010

    I have no idea what is going on Jennifer Miller or whatever your name truly is but I have no idea what your speaking about and this complaint has nothing to do with me or my company so it is complete and utter slander and defamation. I beg you to send me your direct contact information.

    What I can say about Jennifer Miller and her friends of the world, very hypocritical, SELF righteous, equally created imperfect human beings, that have a chip on their shoulder and their own skeletons. I do not pretend to be perfect nor do I care to be. I am merely a human being with a good heart and do not have bad intentions ever in life! I am not malicious in any way unlike you Mrs. Miller. Enough said.

    While we have very different views, that does not give you the right to misplace peoples names in your smut. There are laws in this country to protect people and businesses from this kind of gossip and opinions, slander and defamation. I am very proud of the bloodlines and quality of dogs I place. I feel no shame and care very much about what I do and about my customers. Every business has complaints even with the best efforts but with Mrs. Millers of the world it is impossible to make every irrational person happy. I have been in business for 19 years and care about each and every customer and puppy I place. This is why I have a very scrutinizing puppy application for all buyers.

    There are disgusting puppy mills in this country and your worried about the wrong people becasue I am not one of them? My Lord help all of you. There are real problems in this country that are truly abusive and disgusting and you focus on a true animal lover? Amazing.

    Next we are not a brokers. Look up your definitions on USDA. A broker wholesales puppies. I sell to individual LOVING families. I am an online pet store. I understand many dont agree with it, FINE that is your right. Many also dont like strip clubs, race track betting, casinos and adult stores but it is allowed because its legal and this is AMERICA. Who are you or anyone out there to tell a legitimate business they cant do business because of your own personal feelings and opinions?

    I have less than a 2% ratio with any problems in any of the puppies I have placed in the last 24 months. I am here for my customers!

    Spend your time doing good for those who need it because your wasting time targeting the wrong person here. CLEARLY this is transparently one sided here Mrs. Miller. I find it very sad and self righteous that each and every one of you very pristine and very PERFECT people thinks its ok to judge people you dont know from a hole in the wall. I thought God made us all human and equal but somewhere along the lines he let a few who are better than the rest of the world slip right through his hands and land right at Mrs. Millers house and state.

    Do not expect me to not be upset. You sit back and speak about people like they are not humans with feelings and souls. Like we are invisible monsters. Someone you dont even know and have never made an attempt to call, speak to or meet. Beyond my understanding that you feel good about attacking ethical people and pat yourself on the back. That also says a lot about the type of person you are!

    BPRU LLC owner

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  • Ci
      May 09, 2011

    We purchased a dog from these scammers. They were unable to ship the original dog, due to "health issues" we settled for another dog, it was less expensive but there is no refund from these people. Once they have your money they will not return it. I ended up going to MS to get the dog, after at least 100 emails trying to get information from these people. The dog was in poor health. It took over $1500 to get rid of the mange, and worms, we have yet to get rid of the cherry eye. Buyer beware this is a crooked group of people. I would recommend you not deal with them, based on my experience.

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  • Bt
      Jul 29, 2011

    My fiance and I bought two English Bulldogs from NEB. The first one was very beautiful and were promised papers on him but never got them. We emailed multiple times and was told they were sent in the mail. Our first one had many health problems and we just had to put him down at the age of 3. We bought our second one about a year after our first one. Due to weather conditions we had to drive up and get her from Florida. When we got there we had to meet her at a doctors office instead of her place where the puppy was staying, the puppy was given to us with no papers (not even shot records). She just told us that she was up to date and handed a hand written piece of paper saying the shots were good. We were told we would get the papers on our new puppy within a year and yet it has now been 2 years and we do not have the papers for our new girl. The new girl was philphy when she was given to us so when we got home we gave her 2 baths. I will never buy another bully from her.

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  • He
      Aug 18, 2011

    We bought a beautiful bulldog in Jan 2010 from NEB When she was shipped to us the paperwork said "French Bulldog" Our dog is CLEARLY not a french. We never got shot records OR her "papers" as we were promise. This company changes their name often. Ashley changes her name saying she's "Mandy" now trying to fox all of Ashley's problems. I have been trying to get our dogs papers *even though we've had her fixed* because we paid for them. I highly doubt we will ever hear from NEB again. Thank GOD our little girl is healthy!!!

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  • Ks
      Aug 26, 2011

    Not sure why all these people had negative experiences? Or if they did at all?? We purchased our bully who was pick of the litter in 2008. A year later we received his full bloodline certificate etc, no problem. We paid a lot for him and everyone who sees him, including our vet says he's the best looking bulldog they've ever seen! He's huge weighing 65lbs, brindle and white. He has a great temperment and is as healthy as can be minus his "allergies" which are medicated. But, most bulldogs have allergies and if monitored aren't an issue. He is the BEST family pet we have ever had. We love the Anderson's and their service. We'd buy another one from them anytime!!

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  • Ap
      Oct 15, 2011

    We purchased a bulldog from NEB in 2008, we had to wait a few weeks for him to ship which he ended up shipping from Russia. We were promised his AKC paper work and never received it. The papers we did get with him were in russian, we had to hire someone to translate for us. He had many health problems including 3 surgeries for cherry eye. He recently passed away at the young age of 3. NEVER buy a puppy from this mill!

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  • Ka
      Feb 28, 2012


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  • Ka
      Feb 28, 2012

    she must be stopped of this extreme cruelty and punished for it and never allowed to own a animal again

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  • Ka
      Feb 28, 2012

    he will get caught and pay all in good time karma will get this evil thing

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