Nigel Ragaval / Not getting what i was promised

1 Port Elizabeth, ZA

My wife and i have been struggling with our data contract for six months now. We upgraded from 2gb per month to 10gb day and 10 gb night. Firstly the sales person that helped us never told us the night owl data is for open contracts only. After 1 month of complaining in-store about the lack of info, we were told we cannot cancel. If we do, there will be a cancellation fee of more than R10 000. Which is absolutely insane for something that is not our problem to begin with. I obviously refused and the manager kept on telling us he will do this and that to try and sort it out . He always promised to call us with feedback and never even once got back to us. We always had to go and see him to ask whats up. Meenwhile our internet was cut of only after 1 month without our consent and they cancelled the line without us even agreeing to this premature cancelation. To avoid further issues we said we are willing to take the package as is and they sould just reactivate. We even paid for new sim and reactivation fees. after all that BS they still counld`nt help us. We paid our installments every month and never had problems before. They cancelled the contract without our permission and insist we should pay this R 10 000. They even tried deducting the money out of my wife`s bank account without her consent, even after canceling all debit orders. The manager kept on escalating the matter to this department and that department without any results. He told us that he cant help us anymore, we must sort it out ourselves. It`s out of his hands (as easy as that) and just gave us a list if numbers to call. Now seven months later we are still without internet and we`re getting nowhere. We phoned all vodacom`s departments and nobody can help us. IT is complete and utter BULL. I am going to broadcast this matter on all social media if nobody gets back to me, [protected]

Nov 09, 2016

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