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I have a Microsoft hotmail account that has been seriously compromised in that my contacts have been used to send out either a virus or spam mail. I can't find anything on the hotmail site that allows me to log a complaint. The sender site is which I dare not go into for fear of it being a virus. Are you able to advise?

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  • Ma
      23rd of May, 2010

    Avoid going to My friends and I have been getting false emails made to appear to be from a friend of ours. In the from column it has our friends name. In the place that tells you what email address they came from is his real email address, but I called that friend and he said someone has hacked into his email account and is sending the emails. They have a link to The emails are obviously written by someone who doesn't know the English language. This is the third one I have received in about 3 months. All are written to make you think your friend is telling you about a good site to buys things, and give the link to go to that site. But the way they are written, and the subject matter are very suspicious and obviously not from my friend.

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  • Ep
      28th of May, 2010

    This thing is horrible. It keeps initiating messages using my email sending out to all my contacts. How can I clear it out???

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  • Ma
      3rd of Jun, 2010

    Put in a search engine "hotmail contact" for info on how to contact them & contact them immediately. I'd follow their advice or immediately do most or all the following: change your password to a long hard one (no words, use small and capital letters, numbers and symbols like [email protected]$%#; call all your contacts & tell them don't ever open another email from that address; tell them to set their account to send emails from that address into their spam folder when they arrive; get a new email account (I'd not use hotmail) and consider giving false info (name etc.) when set it up; write the false info down in case you ever need to contact them as your false self; don't send emails from that email account; if you do, don't have copies go to your sent folder because the hacker can see the email addresses you write to; he may be able to anyway, so I'd never send any; move everything you want out of the email account, contacts, emails in inbox, in sent mail, in drafts, in the email accounts folders if you made any, empty the trash, etc. then delete the rest so if the hacker hasn't finished getting email addresses from your account, they'll be gone. If your not using Mozilla Firefox for a web browser, I'd switch to it and only use Internet Explorer (IE) when you have to, which is probably only when something opens in it automatically. Even then, you can cut and paste the webpage address out of Internet Explorer and put it in the Firefox browser and close IE. Security experts say Firefox is much more secure. If you know little about internet and pc security, read about it and get your pc better protected. Use disposable email accounts to keep your main email account away from bad people. Use the disposable one if you send an email to people you don't know or trust, or if you give an email address to someone you don't know or trust.

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