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Nicole Thomas - Nicole Packard / Bad Tenant

1 Bradenton, FL, United States
Contact information:

This girl tried to make a living hell out of my life. I worked and paid rent for the both of us so that we would not be evicted and she never paid her half. The room I rented out in the home she had her stuff in it and it was junky, the house was moldy, and she let her three year old son run around naked. She also hit my boyfriend below the belt and hit me in the belly when I was pregnant with my son. I had to call the cops on her on three different occasions. I did nothing, but be nice to her. She also threw my stuff out after knowing I full well still lived there, she would lock me out if I didn't tell her where I was going, and while I worked and her husband worked, she sat on her butt and watched Steve Wilkos all day and eat chinese food. She smelled, she hated to bathe, and she left her personals all over the place. She let her dogs poop and pee all through out the house and it was a mess. I finally had to move in with my boyfriend and we have been better. We got grants and scholarships a nice house and property, and we do volunteer work. It was hard because she posted up false hooker ads about me and even had the nerve to have people comment on them. If it wasn't for the people who I worked for and family who knew I would never do that, I probably wouldn't have been able to work. God bless no one believed her lies. Please do not work with this girl she is a tragedy. I wouldn't have posted this, but I did a search of my name and found false [redacted]s on me and that defamed my good name. I do not want someone else to experience this. Thank you.

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