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1 Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
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Dear C Cell
I have had such problems with your service over the past week, I first put in a complaint then the service was a little better, on Thursday 21st Sep I went to your cell C shop at Midlands Mall to see if they can help me they could not.
Today 27th Sep I have had endless problems some emails go through some do not, Whatsapp goes round and round I am so cross as I keep wasting data because of your bad service, also people cannot hear me when they chat on Whatsapp or normal phone, I called your centre 8 times today they they kept cutting me off not calling back or putting me through to technical which helped me the first time still having problems with phone, I asked twice for a supervisor to call me its 21.33 she still had not called me.
I would like you to give me some free data back on my phone to replace the data I have had to use for my emails never going through, why should I pay for your bad service
Kind regards
Nicola McGinley

Sep 27, 2017

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