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Nicoco International / Fraud

1 Sacramento, CA, United States Review updated:

I worked for Nicoco International for 2 days. I used my own car to to and from event location and was not allowed more than 2 ten-minute breaks throughout the day (no Lunchbreak!) on a 11-hour Workday! We were not paid overtime for those 11-hour workdays! We had to STAND in the bare sun and sell items to people walking by. I was taught the exact line that I had to recite to every single costumer. The entire time I felt like I was cheating and ripping off people. So on my third day I quit.
To this day Nicoco International ows me $116.00 that they failed to pay me. But of course they did not forget to send me my W-2 so I can pay taxes on money I have neverreceived! THANKS AUDRA!
If anybody has contact information for Nicoco International, please let me know.
Denisia R.

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  • Be
      20th of Oct, 2008
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    Nicoco International - Scam/Failure to pay wages
    Nicoco International
    United States

    I used to work for Nicoco International and from the moment I walked in the front door something seemed wrong about the company. The furniture was old, damaged, and dirty. There was loud music blaring from behind the reception area door, and there were a stack of applications on the receptionists desk. Turns out this company goes out, canvassing neighborhoods and stores, selling cheap toys, books, etc at ridiculously high prices all the while saying that they are representing a children's charity. Here's the deal they use the charities name and Nicoco Internatioal keeps 95% of all the money collected. The inside workings of the company are similar to those of a pyramid scheme, they try to have you work for free, and they fail to pay the last check to employees that have quit.

  • Br
      16th of Apr, 2009
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    I was there for 9 days and never saw my pay checks! They still owe me $400. Good thing is I never got tax forms from them...but they did screww me over on my unemployment benifits that i was getting, by telling unemployment that i had recieved the $400!!! SO Thank You Audra! And Im still trying to get new contact info on them!!!

    Janet B.

  • Wi
      7th of Jul, 2009
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    i know audra SUX luckily i was able to get out in time w my paycheck but still need to be payed for 2 days. anyways audras new office is in san diego the number is 858 505 9595

  • Da
      8th of Jan, 2010
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    The job isnt cut out for everyone dear!!! If you listened to anything that audra was trying to teach you it was that only 1% of the worlds popultation can hang with the job... if you couldnt suck it up and learn from the experience then quit.. in which you did...
    I worked there for 6 months (even moved to the new office down south) and was diagnosed with cancer and the medications made me very weak causing me to resign 2 months later... the job is designed for people with LEADERSHIP qualities and the knowledge gained (if you listen to her!!) is very rewarding throughout your entire life..
    I still review the notes i wrote to this day...
    Just because hard work isnt in your line of expertes doesnt mean its a bad company.. And just because you didnt like to stand outside and sale items to help benefit MISSING AND EXPLOIDED CHIDREN all day and self motivate yourself, you shouldnt knock the company. those ladies are dear friends of mine and when you apply the information they give you, its really not that bad...

    Secondly, she damn well explains there isnt overtime pay and it's solely commission base after training. you knew what you were getting into... And really??? three days of hard work and you decide to come online to tell the world about how sh**ty your experience was?

    Here's some advice, go get an office job pushing papers because obviously hard work thats rewarding for life to not only yourself, but missing children, isnt in your books.

    Grow up.


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