Nicholaas JonkerCellphone upgrade combo deal, but invoiced for tablet

I Upgraded my Cell phone deal to a Samsung S7 & Tablet 3 Combo Deal for R1146.50 per month on the day of delivery I received a extra invoice for R1809.50 for the Tab 3, at this stage I thought it was just for Vodacom's stock control. But on the 03rd of January the Debit order for the Monthly instalment as well as the invoice amount went off, of the Account. Due to the fact that I only provided for the Instalment amount the debit order did not go through. When I phoned Vodacom they said that they can see that it is a fault on there side and a credit note for the Invoice a## well as the Invoice that they issued of R100.00 for unpaid debit order fee will be done, to this day nothing has yet been done, and the next instalment will be due on the 1ste of February with that Invoice still as outstanding?


Request a Credit Note for Invoice K0108280 and Invoice SE13213297

Jan 18, 2017

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